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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Chri12345, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Chri12345


    When I start an application, such as Windows Explorer, it can take up to 40 seconds for it to launch!

    Actually, I think it's launching right away. The system is generally very responsive.
    But it takes a loooooooooooooong loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooooooooooooooong
    time for the window to actually appear.

    Launching is by the Start Menu or a pinned item on the taskbar.

    This is Windows 7 SP1 (x64) on Parallels 6 in all modes: window, full-screen mode, and Crystal.
    This behavior started in version 6, and is still happening in Build 11994.
    (On Parallels 5 I only used XP, and never saw any problem like this.)
    This is not a hardware issue. Configured for 1 core and 2 GB (this is an 8GB Macbook Pro).

    The fastest that an application comes up is about 6 seconds; 20 seconds is normal, 40 seconds not unheard of.
    These things ought to be coming up instantly like on a real machine.

    My computer is not doing anything else at this time and nothing else anywhere seems to be hung in any way.
    It's just that the window is somehow getting lost for a long time before it makes its first appearance.
    When it does appear, the app updates it's window elements normally (e.g. Windows Explorer proceeds to populate the list of folders and drives).
    Doesn't matter if there are other instances of the app already running or not.

    Is anyone else seeing this?
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  2. Chri12345


    Is nobody but me seeing this problem?
  3. Chri12345


    Turned off: Tune Windows, Adaptive Hypervisor, and MacLook.
    Problem seems to have gone away.

    Will try re-enabling those features and see which one or what combination is deadly.
  4. Chri12345


    I think the culprit may be MacLook.
  5. KlausS

    KlausS Bit Poster


    have the same experience here. MacLook makes the (negative) difference.
    But doesn't seem anyone cares.
    (Just installed newest update. - still the same mess).
    I am wondering why they have a feature which they do not test and is only used by very few users.

  6. Rickygolucky

    Rickygolucky Banned

    Try re-enabling those features and see which one or what combination is bad.
  7. KlausS

    KlausS Bit Poster


    I do not know what you mean with which feature.
    It definitely is MacLook, once activated, even starting the windows explorer lasts > 30 seconds.
    turned off, it is no problem at all.

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