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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by aderium, May 30, 2008.

  1. aderium

    aderium Bit poster

    Anybody experiences issues with 5600 & 10.5.3 ? I seem to have issue with video, looking for feedback from other users
  2. rbh

    rbh Member

    I'm holding off on my 10.5.3 upgrade - given how badly burnt we were with a security update Apple gave us around Xmas/new year... :)

    Can I expand the question to ask if folks running Tiger have had any issues with the big security update 2008-003 as well as those who moved to Leopard 10.5.3?
  3. Jisi

    Jisi Member

    Yeah I also have problems.Sometimes parts of windows are flickering in and out, and there are Artifacts remaining when moving windows, whoch sometimes also start flashing.
    I hope we're not up to usual Parallels procedure here, that is acknowledging the bug 2 months from now stating that it will be fixed in "the next" build which may or may not appear within the following weeks :-/
  4. jbuechel

    jbuechel Junior Member

    I am also having flickering screen issues. I am using Vista with the latest updates on a MBP with the newest 10.5.3 update.

    My issue seems to happen when I attach my USB printer to print and will stop if I shut down the program that was printing at the time.
  5. Jisi

    Jisi Member

    For me it happens most often with installers (Next->Next->Next-> style) where it seems to flicker between the currently active Pane and the next one (which would be displayed after clicking "Next".
  6. Roobert

    Roobert Junior Member

    Same here, iMac C2D & 10.5.3. It seems to me that theses issues appear after having Parallels 5600 in the foreground for 10 min. or so ...

    Also I notice that sometimes the screensaver "3D Desktop Dogs" and Parallels seem to not like each other and I need to force restart the iMac.
    BTW: These issues occured also with 10.5.1

    As a workaround I always send Parallels to the background (alt-cmd-h) where it seems to be safe.

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  7. jblarsen

    jblarsen Bit poster

    Video Issues

    I also have issues since updating to 10.5.3. Running Build 5600. Screen will not redraw properly and is very slow. Redraw artifacts are left all over the screen.

    Running MacBook Pro C2D, LED backlit. 3GB RAM.
  8. HZC

    HZC Member

    Are you all on Vista? I'm using Windows XP SP 2, a MBP (early 2006), 2.3 MHz, 3GB RAM, Parallels build 5600, Leopard 10.5.3 and haven't noticed any problems so far.
  9. jmacvean

    jmacvean Bit poster

    I haven't noticed any graphic glitches yet, but have had a really annoying issue. Every-time I wake my Windows XP sp3 machine from standby, OSX itself seems to pause for about 25-30 seconds. I thought it was completely locked up and was going to power it off, but it finally came back. It does this now every time I wake that VM up. I have not tested another VM yet.
  10. nolamike

    nolamike Bit poster

    Same with 10.5.3 and build 5584

    Just so you know, the issue exists with 5584 and 10.5.3 as well (iMac Core Duo). Mouse around the Start Menu a little while and you get all sorts of interesting artifacts and flickering.
  11. mfkilgore

    mfkilgore Member

    Flicker problems here too

    Constant flicker until I restart the guest OS. That seems to help resuming from suspended does not.

    I am on windows 2003 so this is not a Vista problem.
  12. AlphaAnt

    AlphaAnt Bit poster

    I am running Leopard 10.5.3 now with Parallels build 5600. The VM is Vista SP1. So, updated to the latest across the board. The computer is a quad-core Mac Pro with 9GB of RAM.

    It was like this with the previous build of Parallels under 10.5.2, but only occasionally. After the VM has been running for a while, it goes to 100% CPU usage according to Task Manager, and never recovers. No specific process is utilizing all the CPU. I have to Reset or Stop the VM, because it will never complete the Shut Down process.
  13. MtnViewJohn

    MtnViewJohn Junior Member

    I am running WinXP SP2 on an early 2006 MBP (2GHz and 2GByte), Parallels build 5600 (May 20), and Leopard 10.5.3 and I am definitely experiencing this screen flickering problem.
  14. jblarsen

    jblarsen Bit poster

    I am running windows XP SP2. Problem with screen redraws seems to come and go...
  15. rft

    rft Member

    Severe Flickering 10.5.3 and 5584/5600

    After upgrading to 10.5.3 I experienced severe flickering
    using XP/latest SP on 5584. An upgrade to 5600 did not
    change a thing. Severe means, it is not possible to work
    with this flickering.

    In the hope that this will be fixed in the next few days,

    -- Robert
  16. ewestby

    ewestby Member

    Also running XP SP2 under build 5600, and I'm seeing terrible flickering of windows and menus immediately after upgrading to 10.5.3.
  17. casekraker

    casekraker Bit poster

    Vista SP1 Screen Flicker

    I also have the same symptoms described above. Everything was actually cool for me running 5600 with Vista SP1. Right after I updated to 10.5.3 I ended up with the symptoms described above.
  18. mr.oops

    mr.oops Bit poster

  19. aidan

    aidan Member

    Anyone from Parallels able to comment? This is a persistent problems that seems to be quite wide spread.
  20. santa

    santa Junior Member

    This appears to be a widespread issue. I can have parallels open with XP open for a while but at some point I get the flickering problems with 10.5.3 too. I'm guessing an update to Parallels will be happening some time soon.

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