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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by lgriffin, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. lgriffin



    I'd like to start this thread in an effort to show a list of games which work with Leopard and Windows XP. I know there is a page on this website which details the games that are compatible, but i have tried several of those and the frame rates were so low that they were unplayable. I'm running a brand new ( as of Jan. '08 ) MacBook Pro top of the line with a tweaked version of Windows XP.

    Here's what i've found so far. Please contribute games which are working well with your installations :)

    Playable ( Good FPS, etc...)

    * Baldur's Gate II with Throne of Baal - Works perfectly.
    * Planescape Torment - Works perfectly.
    * Divine Divinity - Works. Make sure to set the mode to "directdraw" instead of direct3d in the config options. Not sure why this is.

    No Playable ( FPS too low, etc...)

    * Dungeon Siege 2 - 8 - 10 FPS, not very fun.

    Re: BootCamp: Before you do a post that says "Just run BootCamp", well, I need to have the parallels window open and like to multitask to windows to play a game while i'm working, so i'm just looking for more playable games, thanks though.
  2. Fletch


    The only game I've played for testing purposes is Quake 3 Arena. It is very fast.
  3. mikevio


    Planescape Torment

    I also was able to install Torment (The best game ever) but cannot seem to increase its size. In full screen mode, it appears as a small window centered in the screen. The highest resolution I could get was 800X600 windowed! I can hardly see Morty!

    Any suggestions for incresing its size. If I drag the Parallels window to male it bigger, it crashes.



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