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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RafaelO1, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. RafaelO1

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    Hi all

    Some months ago I created a linked clone of a Windows VM and today I want to convert it to a normal one because disk usage.

    Clone uses 60GB and original 40GB because clone is so different than original that practically is a standalone one. BTW, 60GB is the space used in the clone, then it seems is not using practically nothing form his parent.

    Is there any way to "unlink" it? I'm using Parallels 10.2.1

    Thanks in advance.
    (PS: I ask this because I think this is a generic question instead of a Windows only one).
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  3. PierreV1

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    I don't think you took the time to read Rafael's question. The link you supply explains how linked clones work - Rafael clearly understands this. He wants to know how to convert a Linked Clone into a full-fledged VM that is NOT DEPENDENT on its parent.

    The link you supply does not explain that, so could you kindly take the time to explain it here?

  4. RafaelO1

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    I agree with PierreV1.

    However, I solved by deleting linked clone and starting from scratch.

    For Parallels people: allow "detach" linkend clones because once time passed, both linked and parent clones grow in size to nonsense levels, using more space linked than will use detached.
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    Apologies for the necro-post, but if I found this, others will too.
    The better answer is to "Clone" the Linked Clone, then delete the Linked Clone. The act of cloning will also clone all of the snapshots, so if you can, delete those too to make the clone even smaller. Then, you may have space to recover too.
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    Hello, thank you for sharing the steps with us.

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