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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by JaapHaitsma, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. JaapHaitsma


    Is there a Linux Distro that supports retina display? Or are there some tweaks I can do such that everything does not look really small when I use the retina display of my laptop (with an external monitor everything is already fine)
  2. Aurélien Campéas

    Aurélien Campéas Bit Poster

    The Cinnamon desktop has a working "high dpi" option. I'm told there exists an ui extension to configure this for Gnome 3.
  3. RandallB1

    RandallB1 Bit Poster

    linux distribution properly supports the retina display yet, and running them inside virtual machines is not so pleasant. But if X11 adds this support, it will be possible to forward the linux applications inside the virtual machine through ssh, allowing us to run them as if they were native OS X programs with full font resolution! X11 would be running on my computer 24/7 alongside parallels! Are you looking into this currently or are you working on other priorities for X11? If you are too busy to deal with this feature, I could try to look into the font code and help.

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