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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by j-active, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. j-active


    Where does Parallels store the list of virtual machines in OS X?
    I uninstalled Parallels and removed two prefs from the main and personal library directories, but when reinstalling they are all listed. Which file needs to be removed in order to clear this list when uninstall/reinstall?
  2. tgrogan


    Did you keep your current VMs when you unintalled? If you did, and put them in Parallels default location then it will find them. I don't think a 'list' exists, it's just a directory listing of the location in Preferences. If you kept the default location when you first installed, then they are simply listing from there on the new install. It really a feature for it to be pointed like that. Parallels will not delete your VMs when you do an uninstall - also a good feature (unless you are an unhappy user and uninstalling permanently).
  3. j-active


    I put them in a non-standard location.

    I found the file. Parallels appears to write a hidden file here:

    Agree. The way this works is nice so you don't have to recreate your profiles. I was trying to start from scratch again to get Boot Camp working. It's been greyed out most of the time, but was working once when I was moving drives around.
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  4. neosublime


    Yes I am looking for this too. I tried to run a VM from a shared drive, (didn't work), but now every time I start Parallels, it auto connects to the share first.

    Please Help!

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