Locating 'asms' during WinXP sp2 installation

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  1. aaroc357


    I am trying to install Windows XP sp2 and during installation I get a 'Files Needed' window.

    "The file 'asms' on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD is needed."

    The location I have listed is "D:\I386" and it doesn't work. I have tried changing the letter designation around but have had no success. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  2. machacker


    The file 'asms' on Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 CD is needed.

    I had this same problem. Here's how I resolved it...

    The Windows setup program which was running in Parallels was having trouble seeing the "ASMS" folder on the Windows XP Home Edition installation CD. I had to copy the CD to a virtual CD instead, and Setup was then able to see it and continue successfully. Don't ask me why, but this worked for me. Here's what I did...

    First, you need to stop the virtual machine.
    Press CONTROL-ALT to release the mouse from control by Parallels.
    Look for a yellow arrow icon on the right edge of the Parallels window.
    Postion your cursor on this icon.
    The pop-up description will tell you that clicking this icon will reset the virtual machine.
    Click on this icon to reset the virtual machine.
    A message will tell you that you might lose data.
    Click "Yes". You won't lose anything because you don't have any un-saved data in your
    virtual machine memory.
    This will reset the virtual machine to pause the Setup process and stop the same error message from popping-up repeatedly.

    Second, you need to create a virtual CD by creating an image ("ISO Image") of the real Windows XP Home Edition Installation CD, using the Parallels Image Tool.
    Go to Finder > Applications > Parallels > Parallels Image Tool, and double-click this.
    In the "Welcome to Parallels Image Tool" window, click "Next".
    In the "Choose Device Type" window, select "CD/DVD-ROM" and click "Next".
    In the "CD/DVD-ROM" window, click "Next".
    Next you see the "Create New ISO Image of CD/DVD Disc" window. Don't change anything here.
    Before leaving this window, make note of the path and filename shown in the "Output ISO File" box. This is the location where your CD image will be saved, and you will need this later in this procedure. After noting this and writing it down, click "Next".
    Make sure you still have your Windows XP Home Edition installation CD in the drive.
    In the "Review Processing Options" window, click "Start". This will start the process of copying your Windows XP Installation CD to a virtual CD file. Don't interrupt this process.
    Next, the "Execution Completed" window will appear. Click "Exit".

    Thirdly, you need to change the virtual machine so it will look at the virtual CD copy you just created, rather than looking at the real CD.
    Open Parallels Desktop again (Finder>Applications>Parallels>Parallels Desktop).
    At the bottom edge of the Parallels Desktop window, find the icon that looks like a picture of a little CD. Click once on this.
    In the pop-up menu, click on "Disconnect". This will disconnect your virtual machine from the real disk drive. The CD icon should now have a red "X" over it.
    Click once on the CD icon again.
    In the pop-up menu, click on "Connect Image".
    A Finder box will appear. Give it time to populate the screen with a list of folders and files.
    In this list, look for the path/file where your newly-created CD image is located. This is the path/file you noted and wrote down earlier in this procedure.
    Click on that path/file name.
    The Windows setup process should now automatically restart and should continue successfully without the error message you were getting before. Be careful not to interrupt the process. It seems to have a lot of long pauses in certain places.

    Good luck!

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