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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Sideways, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Sideways


    I'm using build 1940 and have a problem with my external Logitech mouse and keyboard.

    These are connected through USB and I'm aware of the USB related issues from other threads. The reason for this posting is that I have a new problem (I think). The Keybaord is the S530 MAC specific one with the MX600 laser mouse.

    Having recently started using them I noticed that after writing a number of emails under XP, that response to the mouse started to get jerkey under XP. The keybaord started generating random letters or duplicates of ones I'd hit. When I moved out of XP the problem persisted in OS/X to the point where the system was unusable. reboot cleared it, until I started parallels and XP again, whereupon the problem returned.

    Dont know what causes the problem, but I seem to have achieved a minor work around by downloading Logitech windows drivers for a similar mouse and keyboard combination and installing them in XP. It means that the mouse does not automatically leave the parallels XP instance and return to OS/X now, I have to use CTRL-ALT but at least it has solved the keyboard problem and the mouse issue.

    Thought I'd add to the knowledge base .. :)

  2. joem


    Keyboard and mouse are captured by OSX, and should not be connected to the VM. They have to be shared between OSX and the guest. If USB devices list shows them captured by the VM, disconnect them since this isn't what you want. Parallels tools handles connecting the virtualized keyboard and mouse to the VM, and installing a vendor specific mouse driver is usually counterproductive.

    There have been reports of problems using wireless keyboards, but USB should work if you don't try to capture it in the guest, and have OSX drivers, if required, installed.
  3. gpcchase


    BTW the s530 is not supported yet with 10.4.8.
    I have this pair and can't use any of the hot keys on the keyboard.Also noted a great mouse driver is steermouse...much faster
  4. GrizzlyAdams

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    My S530 is working perfectly in OS X 10.4.8 including all the buttons/hot keys. I have a 20" Core Duo iMac. I'm using the latest Logitech drivers from their website and the Logitech Control Center.

    I'm also running XP in Parallels 1940 and have not experienced any of the jerkiness or response issues you are. I am using the default Parallels XP driver because I need the ability to mouse in and out of the Parallels window without a keystroke. I have 2Gb total system RAM with 940Mb allocated to the XP partition. I run Vista RC3 and Xubuntu in Parallels as well with no issues at all.

    By the way I just bought the S530 a week ago and I love it!
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