Losing senior Workstation users. Where to now?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by constant, May 31, 2007.

  1. constant


    As far as I can tell, I'm the only senior member that uses Workstation, who still posts on these forums.

    If there are other senior members of these forums that use Workstation, and still post here, please tell me I'm wrong.

    As a Workstation user, I feel our status as second class citizens, has just slipped, with the Desktop V3.0 availability.

    I also get the distinct feeling that Parallels has resigned themselves to not being able to get traction in the Linux / Windows marketplace.

    In early 2006, Parallels seemed like a young dynamic company with lots of prospect in this market. I helped with beta testing of 2.2 in mid 2006, and was feeling a strong sense of loyalty to Parallels product. Since the release of 2.2, there has been absolutely nothing happen with Workstation. No bug fixes, no feature enhancements, no beta testing. Nothing.

    A couple of weeks ago, I went to a VMWare roadshow here in Brisbane Australia. It was one part of a tour around the whole country. They had partner companies attending, and contributing. What they presented, looked very good, as in feature rich, and future focused.

    I would appreciate other's thoughts on these matters.
  2. constant


    Yes, well, seems a bit obvious what the best thing to do might be.
  3. dglock2


    I am now a strictly vmware server user. I keep coming to this forum in hopes of seeing some thing happening with parallels for windows/linux. As of now, parallels will have to do something wonderful with a new version to get me back.

    Vmware server is free and works great with my usb hard drives and other usb hardware.

    Not only should this forum be renamed to "mac general questions" but the windows/linux forum has now become mostly mac posters!

  4. constant


    All gone now.
  5. titetanium


    I still frequent the forum and I too am a Workstation user. But just seeing the Mac users get all the recent development, and Workstation users get nothing left me feeling like I'm getting nothing but scraps. I know the developers are promising that there will be a version 3.0 for Workstation, the problem I have with this is the fact that we haven't been in on the beta testing to help flesh out the bugs wrt linux/windows. Mac OSX isn't linux and it isn't windows. Because of that, I don't frequent the mac forum much if at all. This isn't because I do not like the Mac, I like it, I just don't favor it.
  6. Roaster



    yes, that's it. I'm a frequently reader of this forums, too, using Workstation 2.2 btw and I always envy those Mac user which get all recently updates and developments/enhancements announced here and in the blog. I read Mac, Mac and again Mac and nothing about Windows host.

    I'm using Virtual PC 2007 and an older version of VMWare and thought I will get a new rising product, buying Workstation a year and some months ago, but I'm disappointed right now and currently do not use Wkst anymore.

    If Parallels does not release V3.0 Wkst for a resonable update price, I won't return anymore!
  7. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    A new MAJOR upgrade to Workstation is already in development and will be
    ready later this year. It'll have the same goodies as Desktop for Mac,
    and a lot more new stuff that you haven't seen yet!

  8. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    And a little spoiler ;)
    Before any major upgrades we will release update for Parallels Workstation for Linux with some minor bugs fixed (including 2.6.20 kernel support) and Parallels Tools for Linux. It should happen quite soon.
  9. constant


    It's all a field of dreams.

    I can have 64 bit guests, now.

    I can have multiple nics, and network sharing, now.

    I can have copy and paste, now.

    I can have working usb, now.

    I can have snapshots, now.

    I can have easy vm resizing, now.

    I can have tools for Linux, now.

    I can have a wide variety of virtual appliances, now.

    I can have smp support, now.

    I can have a central management console, now.

    Not later in the year, we promise.

    You guys have made your bed, now you have to be happy sleeping only with mac users.
  10. tgrogan



    I can't believe you've hung around this long. Surely you remember a year ago when the Parallels employees posted that a new version was coming 'by the end of the year'. They didn't deliver and still haven't delivered. Just give it up. VMware is many times better than Parallels will ever achieve. It's a much better product, and, has demonstrated a long-term commitment to supporting it on the platforms they say they will. I use it all day every day developing several different kinds of software with 6 virtual machines including Linux and windoze servers, and windoze guests with no issues.

    Face it, they ripped us off and moved on past us without having any concerns. Vendors like this give software developers a bad reputation. Fear not the mac people will get burned by them sooner or later.


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