Mac Drives and Extra Drives with Bootcamp 5

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by ImSeeker, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. ImSeeker

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    I'm installing Parallels 9 on a new Macbook Pro retina display.

    Things are going fine - yay. But when booting in Bootcamp, drive d is the Mac Drive [this is new to me, didn't know the later bootcamps allowed this].

    When I boot into the mac, use parallels as a vm to the bootcamp partition, I get a useless drive d which is 0 bytes, and so on.

    It's cosmetic in one sense (just avoid the d drive when using parallels on the vm), but this is for a client who doesn't totally understand...

  2. Maheesh@Parallels

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    Hello ImSeeker,

    You can disable the drives sharing in :

    Virtual Machine configuration ( -> Options -> Sharing -> Disable "Share Mac Volumes with Windows".

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  3. Specimen

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    I don't think this resolves the user issue.
  4. ImSeeker

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    Agree with Specimen. Thank you for the suggestion, but I WANT to share Mac Volumes with Windows. I just don't want a useless 0 byte drive showing in the Windows area of a Parallels VM using a Bootcamp 5.0 area. [Not only useless, but POTENTIALLY dangerous -I don't know what would happen if I said "format"!]
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  5. joevt

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    This should have been posted on the Windows Guest OS Discussion forum (Mac OS X is the Host OS).

    Remove the Mac partition from the MBR. It will then not be visible in Boot Camp or in the virtual machine (if you're using BIOS instead of EFI to boot).
    Use the following commands:

    diskutil list
    sudo gpt -r show -l /dev/disk0
    sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk0

    Once you make the change and save it, reselect the Boot Camp partition in the Virtual Machine configuration so that the virtual hard disk is updated with the change.

    Or you could remove the Mac partition from just the virtual hard disk copy of the MBR (the PhysicalMbr.hds file in the hdd file). This will hide the partition from the virtual machine, but not Boot Camp. Note that you will need to redo this if you change the hard disk configuration of the virtual machine.
    Use the following commands (while the virtual machine is not running):

    cd /pathtoyourvirtualmachine.pvs/hardiskname.hdd/
    ls -l
    fdisk -e PhysicalMbr.hds

    I think Parallels should add more options to the Edit Partitions dialog for a boot camp type virtual hard disk. There should be an option to override the active partition (if you have more than one Legacy OS partition on the same hard drive with boot code). There should be an option to hide unselected partitions (make them completely invisible in Windows, instead of just making them appear as all zeros). Plus some other options I've written about before but can't remember...

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