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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by zerofractal, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. zerofractal

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    I love the cohrerence mode introduced in the latest betas. I have a few comments to make it even better!

    - When entering coherence mode, get rid of the wallpaper, so that the smearing when resizing a window looks a bit less odd. Maybe put a balck or white bk or even the mac bk.

    - Making command-q quit the current application, not parallels

    - Making a single click on the parallels icon show the start menu. RIght now I have to right click on the icon, and then go to the start menu.

    - Making the start menu window come at the place where the parallels icon is, not in the lower left corner.

    - Making the start menu dissapear if one unfocuses it, just like in windows.

    - translating the windows tray items such as the to a parallels menu bar item(s) in osx! this would really rock. dont know if its possible, but would certainly make windows' GUI practiacally unneeded!!!

    - The desktop screenthot in the parallels icon is interesting but the main idea is not to let the user think there is a underlying desktop so its a bit distracting. Maybe a Parallels with a windows icon would be more suitable, moreover if it pops the start menu in place.

    - When quitting parallels and using bootcamp forcing a OS shutdown instead of shouwing a pop up saying that the user shoud shut down.

    Thats it for now. I hope you wear this wishes, although chirstmas has already gone by.
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  2. zerofractal

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    ohh. I forgot one.

    fixing the resize icon when resizing a window.

    I have not downloaded the latest build so excuse me if any of this details has already been looked at by the dev team.
  3. pfloydn

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    Here are my two coherence requests

    1) I know I can control whether an icon is added to the Mac Doc bar - but here's how I'd really like to be able to configure things: When running in coherence mode - add the icons to the Doc. When running in a windowed mode or Full Screen - don't. Right now I have them added - but I often switch Parallels to show the guest OS in a window for one reason or another, and then sometimes even hide that window. I'd like NOT to have the app icons in the tray during those instances. When running in coherence mode - I'll of course always want them there.

    2) There's still a bug when the MacBook goes to sleep. If the guest OS is running in coherence mode or fullscreen - and I go to sleep on battery power, I'm not able to wake OSX up if I plug in the power cable before opening the screen. This only happens if I'm running a guest OS at the time the machine goes to sleep.

    3) I for one would NOT want to see Windows System Tray icons in the Doc (cause I've got a dozen of them...) So if you ever do add something like that - please make it optional.

    Fantastic work - thanks guys.

    (oh - and to the original poster - much of what you ask for IS already in the latest beta - the tearing and rounded app corners are now done perfectly).

  4. zerofractal

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    This may also be interesitng:

    - When using multiple window applications such as IE, making command Q = to Alt F4 so the user may close windows just like if it were a mac app.

    To pfloydn: The tearing looks fantastic now. If only resize would not show the windows desktop background ;). To avoid this unpleasentness I opted to remove the show windows contents while dragging.

    Reagrding this wish:
    - Making the start menu dissapear if one unfocuses it, just like in windows. it works if one unfocuses it to a win app but not to an osx app or to the osx desktop.

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