Macbook Air and USB drives

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by akidd, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. akidd


    I've read the instability threads but haven't seen anything specific to my issue.

    I've installed and uninstalled Parallels and tools. VTx on/off. I have fully updated Parallels and Windows XP.

    If I put any USB drive into the USB port Parallels seems to think it is available, but it is not visible in XP.

    I've tried 3 different manufacturers USB drives.

    In troubleshooting I notice that in Device Management that the USB controller drivers are not installed. I've tried reinstalling tools and still it is missing.

    Worse if I have a USB drive mounted in the guest OS when I try to access Device Manager in XP I get a bluescreen/panic.

    Anyone else with this problem?

    Can anyone confirm that the USB drivers are not present for the Air so I can stop trying to fix this? If there is even a beta available that attempts to do so I would like it. Parallels is hard for me to use as I do use USB drives

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