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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jbrowdy, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. jbrowdy


    I am waiting for a MBP to be delivered, but I am on the verge of changing my mind and getting a Black MacBook instead. One of the big criteria, though is how well I can run windows. Has anyone noted any problems running windows on a macbook? Is the performance noticeably different in a MBP?
  2. daggle


    The best Windows Vista eye candy would only be viewable on a MPB via Bootcamp not Parallels. This is due to Parallels not supporting the 3d capabilities of the graphics card. On the other hand the graphics chip-set used by the MacBook wont allow the Vista eye candy, even under Bootcamp.

    Under Parallels, the only advantage a MPB would have over a MacBook would be if you opt for the 7200 rpm hard drive, thereby gaining improved guest OS file read-write speeds.
  3. pastrychef


    My experience has been pretty good. I don't run anything really intensive, but everything seems fine on my XP install.
  4. bamsaleg


    I have booth a MB and a MBP.

    It is more confortable for me to run Parallels in the MBP because:
    - it came with much more RAM, so I don't have to quite most of my application like on the MB to avoid virtual memory swaping to the hard disk all the time
    - I can also fell the better speed of the new 160Gig HD

    Finally, I am not a big fan of the MB Screen (too small) and can not get use to the glossy finger print catching 13" screen.

    I would definitly go for a 15" MBP, even a first generation one from the refurb over an MB...
  5. esteban404


    greasy fingers

    I'm glad to see you post this. I'm going to order a MBP in the next few days so I can run VS 2005 and SQL 2005 PE. The glossy looks nice, but I know when the client is over my shoulder they'll be pointing with thier greasy fingers.

  6. JLL


    I have a MB with an 100 Go 7000 HD, all is OK
  7. Godrifle


    I have a black MB and a MacBookPro. I run Parallels on both (WinXP). Both do fine. I *hate* the black MB case. It shows every bit of oil from your hands all over the case. And, I wash my hands so it shouldn't! :mad: I with I had opted for white, which my coworkers go, and they look fresh and new all the time.

    That being said, I think I would buy a MBP over the MB. The size/weight penalty is minor, and the lighted keyboard on MBP is *really* awesome. I like the matte screen better too. :)
  8. Delphyne


  9. rteichman


    I spend a lot of time in parallels doing MS development work and I can tell you that you will be MUCH better off with a MBP. I bought a black MP and while I think its great it has one MAJOR drawback for Parallels. That is its screen size of 1280 x 800. The Pro has 1440 x 900, and the extra 100 pixels from 800 to 900 makes a MAJOR difference. Why? Because on the MB you can't run in 1024x768 window. There is not enough screen area for the MAC menu bars and a 768 high screen. You have to go down to 720 in Windows. It seems like a small amount but its a pain (for a developer: less lines of code displayed on a screen). With the pro you can get the taller 768 pixel hight and still have the menu bar and dock.
  10. waxhawsam


    It works great on my black Macbook CD2. Now I dispaly windowsXP on an external 19" dell monitor and just use the macbook screen for OS X stuff. I also upgraded to 2gb of RAM, HUGE difference. WinXP runs as fast in paralles as it does on my company Thinkpad T60...

    Yes the screen is bigger on the MBP but if you travel, the macbook can't be opinion...

  11. futurephonic


    I have a MacBook with 2 GB of RAM. I use Parallels to run both XP and Vista. I love my MacBook, I think the screen size is perfect, and I love the glossy screen.

    Buy a MacBook with lowest RAM, then swing over to the Apple forums to find out which RAM you need, then head to Newegg to get 2 GB of RAM.
  12. jbrowdy


    Well, here's what I did. I orderd the monster- fully loaded with 3G RAM. One night I was talking a friend into switching to mac (if you still rely on your windows, no sweat, you can run it, etc.). And, as I sat and looked at all the MB features, I started to convince myself that the MB was good enough, and that I did not need the MBP. I planned to cancel my 17" order and go to the Apple store the next morning and buy a Blackbook. I envisioned tossing it around a little- not worrying about dinging it up, etc.

    Well, I went to the Apple store, and played with the various models, (I had been using the original 17" PB- which has been a workhorse for me); as I did the math, jumping from a maxed out blackbook to a 15" MBP was not such a huge jump financially.

    I would insist on at least 2G of RAM. The upper level MBP comes with 2G standard. Granted, the price difference is real- but when you are dropping this much cash, what's a few hundred more? I say that semi-sarcastically. But, for the extra money, you get the dedicated VRAM, a faster processer (2.33), 2G RAM, DVI benefits, option to move up to 3G RAM, FW 800, etc.

    For me, backlit keyboard is cool, but a non-factor; PCI card may come in handy - but never used one on PB. So, for a little more money, I feel a got a much better machine.

    Then, using the same logic, I thought- heck for a little more money, I can keep the 17" I ordered and get a bigger screen, larger hard drive and slightly faster dvd burner. It actually arrived today (I have to send it back), and I have some regrets- I was so excited for so long, but I have had a few days to play with my 15" MBP, and I must say, it's a sweet little machine. It does not look and feel that much smaller than my 17PB when I'm using it, but carrying it around is night and day- it is so much easier.

    I installed WinXP with parallels and it has done everything I've asked it to do thus far exceedingly well. Using 2G RAM right now.

    This is a great machine. I am very happy with it thus far.
  13. tai


    I'm happy with it. It's very fast. Windows boots in about 14 seconds. Shuts down pretty quickly.
    I have a 7200 drive, and Core2Duo at 2.33 GB, so it's as fast as it gets.

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