Macbook Pro M1 Windows 11 ARM Upgrade to 11 ARM Pro

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  1. Austin2

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    Hello everyone,
    Has anyone figured out the best way to activate windows 11 ARM Build to be a Windows 11 Pro build?

    There is the Windows 11 ARM Preview build from insider preview that I downloaded and am running with parallels on my mac. It is working great. But I can not use it for work which really sucks. I need to be able to join a local domain and I can only do that with a pro copy of windows 11.

    That being said how do I get the only install option the Windows 11 Arm Insider preview build to be upgraded to Windows 11 pro?

    This latest Arm build does come with the Microsoft App store. I see that when I search to upgrade from windows 10/11 pro its $200.

    I have always been able to get windows keys cheaper than that. I was hoping I could at least test windows 11 pro out before purchasing. I have found some pages with 180 trial product keys but they do not work for the Windows 11 Arm builds ofcourse.

    Hoping someone has figured something out or can confirm they paid for pro as the only way. The key should then be tied to my MS account at least i hope that way If I ever upgrade or loose this VM I still have a key..

  2. ScottS40

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    I had similar problems. I installed the default Windows 11 option that Parallels prompts you with. This installed a Windows 11 Home edition which Microsoft Support was not able to upgrade to pro. After much searching about I found this site which provides access to all ARM versions in various levels of testing:
    Follow the instructions here:
    Install Windows 11 ARM on M1-based Macs with UTM | Jensd's I/O buffer
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  3. DaveSpacey

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    This is probably late for your needs, but I would suggest reading this thread from Microsoft's forum on how to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro.

    I explain more in this other forum thread, but long story short, I was able to upgrade and activate my version of Windows 11 Home to Pro on my Macbook Air M1.
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  4. Austin2

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    My Latest issue is trying to change the default login account to my domain account. When i follow any instructions I find the menu is not the same that shows if I do the same thing on my setup (latest parllels on m1pro). If you have any resources and can reply I will run through try to do on mine and follow up with screenshots if it does not work. been stuck on this. My Windows 11 is pro now and upgraded. But I also hate how we don't get the quick icon for VPN! have you noticed this in ARM Win 11!?
  5. Brian33

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    Make sure to set a password for the default user account parallels sets up, then run netpolwz and check box "users must enter password to login"
    To domain join, it's the same as non arm. Search for Access Work or School, then select Connect - Join to local AD.

    New VPN menu is there when you select Network - VPN. It does still create the old school adapter shortcut in the old control panel, which is also still there. You can setup VPN and create a shortcut to the desktop and also edit the advanced VPN type & functions form the old network control/VPN in control panel.
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