MacBook Pro Won't Wake From Sleep If Parallels Is Running?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JohnL1, May 28, 2015.

  1. HakanS2

    HakanS2 Bit poster

    I'm experience this whenever my VM is running and my Mac goes to sleep.
    Using MacBook Pro 16", macOS 10.15.4, Parallells 15.1.4, Toolbox 3.9.1. Virtual machine with Windows 10.
  2. ParkunanD@Parallels

    ParkunanD@Parallels Member

    Hello @HakanS2, please restore defaults for Parallels Startup and shutdown settings and see if it works:
  3. BirgerH

    BirgerH Bit poster

    Hi, Using Mac OS 10.15.5 and the most recent iteration of Parallels (demo version) and Windows 10 (all updates applied). Interesting thing is that the computer is actually awoken: when toggling caps on and of, the keyboard all caps light goes on and off. It is only the mouse that is somehow not activated or recognised by the system.

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