MACBOOKPRO repeatedly drops Internet Connection - Virtual Server Port 37370-37370

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    I have been chasing this problem for 4 days now.... It has been driving me nuts rebooting my router every 3-5 minutes. Here is my setup.
    MacBookPro (Yosimite 10.10.4)
    Cisco Router from my service provider (at both home and office)
    Belkin WiFi router at Office location and
    NetGear Route at Home location

    The MBP keeps dropping both the WiFi and Ethernet connections to the internet. This recently starting doing this both at my home office last week, and then it started at my other office when I showed up there. It never did this until a week ago. Not sure what changed.

    Every other device (3 iPads, 3 iPhones and a Mac Mini) do not, are not experiencing this same issue. They are perfectly fine accessing the internet through the same routes... even when the MBP's internet access is down.... so this is just my MBP.

    Temporary Fix:

    Reboot the router, or
    restart the computer,
    or sometimes even just switching between Ethernet to WiFi would resolve, but would not last for long. It would soon drop the internet connection again. Eventually I was having to reboot the router every 3-5 minutes is seemed. This has been a ridiculous last three days for me, as I chased this around.

    Its not router specific, cause its occurring at both locations with different routers...
    However, I think I have found my fix and I seem to have this up and stable at the office. I have not tested it at home yet.

    What I saw and learned:
    I have spent the last 3 days chasing this and watching the activity monitor and router status, reading all kinds of posts on the net. All with no results to make any successful changes. On day three I noticed that my router at the office had an item created and enabled under FIREWALL - VIRTUAL SERVER. It was similar to as follows:


    Now... I have no need for and have never created a virtual server for my network. So I found this odd and found it even more odd that this Virtual Server was specifically directed towards my MACBOOKPRO at Why was it directed at my MBP ? I thought this might explain why only a single device ( at was the only device experiencing this blocked access.... hoping I was onto something... (PS I am no computer genius my any means. !!!)

    This seemed really strange so I just deleted it. My internet came back. BANG ! Nice ! Problem solved.....

    Happy as could be, I started working again... and 3-5 minutes later the Ethernet Connection was lost again. WHAT ? So... I wet back to the Router and found that the Router had recreated this PAC UPC Virtual Server at port 3737-37370 again.... How ? and WHY ? I deleted it again and BANG ! my internet came back.

    3-5 minutes later I went through the same thing again.... and again... and again... Every time I deleted the Virtual Server in the router my internet service came back.... and 3 - 5 minutes later the router would recreate the Virtual Server and I would lose my Internet connection. Very frustrating !

    I thought that the router was its own entity, and that it could not be changed by anything or anyone but me, without logging into it and physically changing it myself... but right before my eyes... this virtual server of death was being recreated by itself every 3-5 minutes..... This was new to me ... I had no idea .... why !!!!!

    I was ready to go buy a new router, but as this is happening at 2 different locations, it could not be that both routers developed the same issues at the exact same time... so I ruled out buying a new router....

    More hours of reading and searching on the internet..... I discovered that this Virtual Server using private port 37370-37370 was something that is being created by PARALLELS on my MBP. More specifically, created by PARALLELS ACCESS AGENT.

    I do not use the ACCESS AGENT so I simply deleted the ACCESS AGENT.

    Since deleting ACCESS AGENT, my router has seized to automatically re-create my Virtual Server of Internet death... and I seem to be remaining stable... with ongoing access to the internet. I am hoping this is fixed...

    I am expecting to find the same success at home with the NetGear router there..

    I am posting this to hopefully... save someone the hours of frustration that I have gone through... and... that maybe someone can explain to me why... how ACCESS AGENT is allowed to change Virtual Server setting on the router... or how I can stop that from happening...

    I am also hoping that someone at PARALLELS picks can fix this... as I am expecting the next time I upgrade and ACCESS AGENT gets re-installed... I am going to have the same issues.

    Here's hoping I actually have this fixed and can get back to actual work ! Cheers !


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