macOS 12.3.1 VM hangs

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by BrianH28, Jul 13, 2022.

  1. BrianH28


    Trying to use a macOS 12.3.1 VM on my 2019 12.4 Macbook pro. Only successfully started the VM once in the last two months. Support tickets have been useless (force quit the app, reboot, reinstall, etc). I dug around and found the log file being generated and found this at the end. Does "startVmSuspendOnCrashTransition return error: 80000015" mean anything to anyone?

    07-13 09:09:27.956 D /AbstractFile:2273:5662/ AioThreadedWorker configured to use 1 threads
    07-13 09:09:27.956 F /vm:2273:5662/ IsBootable=1
    07-13 09:09:27.956 F /vm:2273:5662/ VM Compatibility Level is 0x2
    07-13 09:10:50.087 F /vm:1066:330d/ startVmSuspendOnCrashTransition return error: 80000015
    07-13 09:10:50.087 F /vm:1066:330d/ WARNING: Stopping VM because of a fatal failure (!).
    07-13 09:10:50.087 F /vm:1066:330d/ VM state(VmStateInit): enqueued 'VmLocalCmdKill'(20008) command
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    Hello, Please provide the support ticket number for us to investigate further. Thanks.

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