MacOS guest on v 17?

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    I have a VM running although it's very slow, the network uses shared and I can see no way of changing it to bridged so the VM can take part in my network properly. Can't even see configuration files in the VM's directory so it's not even possible to make changes there, I moved back to Parallels as they seemed according to the web site they were much more advanced in running VM's on M1 Macs than VMWare but they are not at the moment they are both all but unusable for both Windows and Mac. Luckily I haven't upgraded my MacBook Pro as it's spec is still close to my M1 machine, this means to run Windows or Mac VM's properly I am using a second machine not ideal.
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    I got Monterey working as a guest on my M1 machine. But it is very limited as mentioned above, and it causes the host computer to crash very frequently: like every hour or so. Plus no ability to copy/paste files easily or make any Configure changes.
    Not a useable product for me.
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    Hello, please follow this KB article for staying updated about any recent updates of Mac OS Monterey virtual machine.
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