MacOS Monterey Beta as Host OS for Parallels M1

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  1. Nosix

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    At the WWDC today Apple introdcued MacOS Monterey and is seeding a Developer Beta.

    Im starting this thread to see if MacOS Monterey Beta will work as Host OS for the current version Parallels M1, or is there going to be a Beta version of M1 Parallels?
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    Since macOS Monterey 12 Developer Beta has just been released recently, the Parallels Engineering team is studying changes introduced in the new OS version to tweak Parallels Desktop so you can keep using Parallels Desktop on the newly released macOS Monterey 12 and install the former in a virtual machine.

    Visit this KB article and subscribe to get up-to-date information about Parallels Desktop compatibility with macOS Monterey 12 Developer Beta.
    If you encounter any compatibility issues between Parallels Desktop and macOS Monterey not listed in the KB article, please collect technical data and post it here with a description of the encountered issue.

    We do not recommend updating to macOS Monterey 12 Developer Beta if Parallels Desktop stability is business-critical to you.
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  3. Nosix

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    OK thanks for the update, will continue to follow the KB on Monterey compatibility before testing with parallels.

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