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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by robro, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. robro


    I'm sorry but the half-ass RC attempt lost me as a customer. I have a MacPro for 1 reason 16GB of memory.

    My parallels patches will be coming from here now:
  2. tcapoccia


    Unable to Get Parallels to work on MAC PRo

    I have been trying over and over, following all the instructions provided, but I end up with the gray curtain of death. :(

    There seems to be no improvement at all from the previous version and the latest RC Beta.

    I have a MAC PRO 2.66 w/3GB of RAM.

    When will a version be released that will work?

    Your statements in your ads for this product are misleading, since you say that it will work fine on MAC PROs....which ones?

    It works fine on my Mini Intel-Duo.

  3. diago1969


    And you think VMWare will be perfect when it's beta is released? I've been running commercial VMWare ESX servers for years now and they are great, but their betas are still BETAS and will have their own share of problems. I know, I've had to run the tests for months before I can put the final versions of ESX online.

    Remember, the Mac Pro is a brand new MAC that has never been seen before, it's going to have it's share of problems itself and with developing software for it.

    They really do want this to work as much, if not more than we do. It costs them money every day it doesn't work right and they know that.

    If you give the guys here at Parallels a little time, they will get it working right. I've already bet my money they will!
  4. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    I have a Mac Pro also and Parallels just gives me the curtain with the need to reboot when I try and start it. Any help? Do I need to remove RAM from my machine?
  5. MarkHolbrook



    Good luck over there... I seriously doubt you will have it much better.

  6. MarkHolbrook


    Search the forums for MacPro... There are some temporary work arounds in place but I don't have a MacPro so I'm not sure what they are and how well they work.

    I know Parallels will get this working soon.

  7. dkp


    How much did you pay for your copy?
  8. joem


    It's BETA, which means it has BUGS, and problems, sometimes serious ones, should be expected.

    Anyway, Parallels will have it fixed before vmware has a stable version for the Mac and Parallels is cheaper.
  9. Pedge


    Is Apple 512mb memory to blame?

    Hi there, I have a Mac Pro 2ghz with 3gb of Ram. I tried to install Windows XP and got kernel panic after kernel panic.

    I decided to try removing both of the factory installed 512mb modules which left me with the (apple installed) two 1gb modules (leaving me with 2gb Ram instead of 3gb).

    Everything installed perfectly, I've had it running in about 30 minutes compared with a full day yesterday of installing, reinstalling etc.

    Could the 512mb Ram modules apple are using be the culprit?
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  10. zzzachi


    bla bla beta

    yeah yeah its beta some people say.... but actually version 1884 is a RELEASE CANDIDATE which should be an almost finished version, maybe some minor tweaks needing... 1884 was released with "ALL MAC AND SPECIFICALLY MAC PRO SUPPORT" ! this was the first line of the release text! from what i experienced and read here the mac pro version runs maybe for 5 or 10% of the users. maybe the guys with less than 2gb of ram, even this is not clarified. with parallels opening the sticky thread for this problem it is clear that they don't have a real clue of what causes these problems. there seems to be a substancial problem behind the mac pro support or even the whole base of the parallels software. and what makes it even worse ist that their communication is very poor. i'm not expecting an improvement very soon. the whole thing just looks very very fishy!
  11. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers


    We already have a clue and working hard on the solution. The fix will be available soon. We apologize for inconvinience.
  12. FikseGTS


    bugs and flat out not working at all are two separate things.....

  13. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    I am definitely looking forward to this product working for me. I am hoping that since I did purchase the product specifically since they listed that it now works on the Mac Pro that Parallels will get this sorted out and supply us with the working app. Hopefully the money I spent and others will encourage Parallels to get this up and working.
  14. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Bit Poster

    What's the alternative to making this work on Mac Pro? Parallels ends Mac compatibility, that's what. Does anyone think that Parallels is just going to take their money and run? They have enough money and don't need to support Macs any more? No more development or upgrades from here on for Mac users? Get real. The Parallels folks want to get this working as much (or more) than any of us. There is millions of dollars at stake here for them, but only several days of inconvenience for a few of us.
  15. Skeuomorph



    Except for our default Mac Pros. We purchased two copies of the software before the Parallels home page "disclaimers" about MacPro (really just RSS feeds from press saying it didn't work).

    Tried again now with this "now it works" build, just to get immediate grey curtain and restart.

    Why even bother saying it's going to work, if it isn't?

    And btw, to other readers who say, "Well, I used this or that command line, or this or that legacy fix, or took out all my RAM", if those are necessary then a release which says it supports Mac Pro should apply them or notify about them at installation. A product should not require a thorough reading of the forums in order to be used.
  16. stormj



    Where did this Beta meme develop? It's posted as a RELEASE CANDIDATE

    Why are people so confused on this? If this were a beta, it would be one thing. Definitionally, RCs are usually feature complete. That means to me that the real release version won't support more than 3.5G, and, unless there's only one or two things causing the panics, they're further away than even most betas would be. (Still hypervisor and programs crashes to deal with downstream.)

    I've got no problem waiting for working software. Parallels has over promised and under delivered. Once by saying that their thing worked on "all Intel macs" and another by calling this Mac Pro release an RC. That's the source of 90% of the frustration around here.

    Most of your posts seem to tell users here that their frustrations are invalid, with a tinge of contempt for being so non-3133t as to even expect software to work. I think that is totally ridiculous, and, as I've posted elsewhere, is not even the position of the company (as I understand it)--they have politely told us they're working on it, and have been responding to our feedback, and even encouraging us to help by posting our logs.
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  17. buzzdat


    I agree with stormj here - this shouldn't have been released as an RC, as it obviously still contains showstopper/fatal bugs. Beta quality software by any other name...

    I'm still waiting for a stable release, but will probably go with Parallels when it gets there. VMWare is an excellent product, but it will be about 3x the cost of Parallels.
  18. constant


    Maybe Parallels did their Mac Pro testing inline with their own, very well documented, memory constaints.

    There have been user reports of Mac Pro success without, yes without, any third party fixes. So what we can all confirm, is that some can make it work and some can not.
  19. Mac Pro 5GB

    Mac Pro 5GB Bit Poster

    OK, can someone from Parallels estimate a time line for Mac Pro support? Just want to have an idea since I have already paid for a product that did say it worked with Mac Pro.
  20. jbmelby


    That wouldn't be very smart from Parallels' point of view; remember that when Ben said that a Mac Pro-compatible version would be due "in the next few days" and then they were delayed further because they ran into more problems than they were expecting, those who posted in these fora were complaining like mad. So they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. I, for one, am just going to wait. It won't be long now.

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