Mail closes Inbox window after sending mail

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by Robertjm, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I recently set up Parallels Access to remote back into my computer using my iPad. One thing I noticed this morning though. After I compose an email, and send it using the Mail app, it doesn't return to the inbox window. Rather it closes it and I get the grey "Parallels" background instead. I can reopen it using the menu. But, that's a pain.

    Any suggestions?
    iPad 3
    Mac Mini running OSX 10.11.1
    Parallels 9

    (Yes, I know that's not the latest version of Parallels, and that it wasn't certified for El Capitan. But, it seems to generally work other than the odd glitch, like this one).

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