Max Resolution: Mac Pro/30" Display/Linux

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by budward, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. budward


    Hi I have a Mac Pro witha 30" Inch Cinema Display.

    I don't get to use my NVidia card with linux (Ubuntu, FC6) and so I resort to Vesa but I can't get a 2560x1600 resolution no matter what I do.

    1) Is there a driver somewhere for linux to use the stock nvidia card that comes with the mac pro?
    2) What is the max resolution parallels can handle?

    3) Any suggestion would be helpful

    thanks in advance.
  2. donnie


    Could you expand a bit on some of the things you've tried?
  3. unused_user_name


    From what I have read, you will need a custom xorg config file to use the higher resolutions. Perhaps you could use the search function, as I think a few of them have been posted to this board.

    You will have to use the VESA driver. Parallels does not have support for 3D at this time, so it emulates a generic video card to the guest OSs.
  4. budward


    Well, I have hacked the hell out of my xorg.conf file .. but I am thinking that the VESA driver can't handle the resolution of 2560x1600 I can get a decent resolution though using mode lines but I max out a 1900x1480 or something close to that I forget. Not that that is too bad or anything but it leave a 4'' margin on both sides of the display, it gets annoying.

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