Maximum memory in Parallels Desktop 11 VM's

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JurgenP, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. JurgenP

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    One of my requirements is that the Virtual Machines (Windows OS) must be assigned 16GB of memory. On the Parallels website I found the following info;

    Virtual RAM / virtual CPUs for each VM
    8GB vRAM / 4 vCPUs (Parallels Desktop)
    64GB vRAM / 16 vCPUs (Parallels Desktop Pro Edition)
    64GB vRAM / 16 vCPUs (Parallels Desktop Business Edition)

    Does this mean that a VM in the regular Parallels Desktop is limited to 8GB of ram and 4CPU's and therefore Parallels wants me to buy the Pro Edition?


  2. ChrisT3

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    So if I understand, yes, this was downgraded in Parallels 11.
    I personally have several 16gb VMs running Windows - my question is what's going to happen to these VMs when I upgrade? Will they get crippled? I may ask this in a separate question.
  3. DominiqueB1

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    It's a feature downgrade which is not ok. You need to change Desktop Parallels 11 to support 16GB as it was in previous editions.
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  4. DominiqueB1

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    I doesn't really matter what your requirements are or what is enough for you. In this forum there are already posts with people complaining that their VM used to have more vRAM available than the new limits. The key thing is that you guys removed features and reduced limits from one version to another without communicating about this properly and upfront - moreover you charge an upgrade fee. At the same time you moved some of the features to a new pricing tier.
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  5. rule225

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    Removing features and going with an unclear subscription plan (Are we grandfathered with the pricing once we go with the PRO edition?). This is not an upgrade, but a downgrade. Why don't you focus and provide reliable support instead of downgrading a great product for more money?

    Nice rip-off Parallels! I'm gonna stick with PD 9 then switch to VMWare Fusion if the pricing model stays the same within the next few months.
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  6. SergiiV

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    This 8Gb limitation is absolutely ridiculous. I was just about to upgrade to Parallels 11 from 10, but I don't think it worth doing now, and I am definitely not going to pay 99 euro per year for this. Huge disappointment.
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  7. D-an-W

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    I have been a Parallels user since V6 and happily upgraded every year until V10 but won't be upgrading to V11 if I can't keep my VM's with at least the same settings I have in V10. Paying for a downgrade just doesn't add up to me!
  8. JoshuaJ2

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    I have used Parallels since version 6 or 7 as well and upgraded when new versions are released. I find this new model completely unacceptable and it really makes me want to get a trial of Fusion and see if that will work for me. I just might do that when I finish this post. Seriously I get that you want to make more money, but this is the wrong way to do it!!! Why do marketing people so often get out of touch with the user community and do stuff like this?

    My final note is that of course as usual a new version has broken Coherence mode. Video doesn't work right. I stopped using it because it has been so unreliable over the last several versions and sure enough I turned it on in 11 and the start screen is flikering and showing overlaping windows and other strange video output. If you are going to screw us with a horrible licensing model to make more money the least you could do is do proper QA/QC testing to ensure all of the completely obvious and easy to reproduce bugs are resolved!!! Fusion here I come...
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  9. DamienM1

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    This is just ridiculous. Sticking with PD10. What a terrible way of forcing customers to pick the subscription!
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  10. JamesMcDowell

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    I logged in to simply add my two cents to this. I can't agree more that this sleazy move to push us to a subscription plan is going to backfire. I too am going to switch to VMWare. There's no way I'll be paying for a downgrade.
  11. enkaytee

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    Plus one for this - I'm already running the Fusion demo and like what I see. At least they aren't forcing subscriptions on their customers!

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