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  1. iwanuschka

    iwanuschka Bit Poster

    Hi folks,
    i can't get installed my copy of parallels: "You have reached the maximum number of activations available". https://kb.parallels.com/123461 doesn't help because who takes notice of that beforehand and to log out of any software when reinstalling the OS. Sorry guys but that is not user friendly. My copy of Parallels is not installed on any system, so i can't log out. Please help me out by reactivating my license.

    By the way: what is the maximum number of activations?
    For the record: i got no answer at https://forum.parallels.com/threads/numero-de-activaciones-maximo-alcanzado.347733/#post-859520 so i'll posted this new (duplicated) question
  2. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    I've only found Parallels Desktop 8 and 7 in your account.
    Both keys have been reset, if it's not that case, please let us know.
    Also we have a politic: 1 key for 1 Mac
  3. iwanuschka

    iwanuschka Bit Poster

    Yap, i already managed to contact you guys via Facebook Messenger. Thanks for resetting and the info about max activations. Case closed.
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  4. ParkunanD@Parallels

    ParkunanD@Parallels Staff Member

    You're welcome. Please get back to us for any additional questions.

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