Methods to Rectify the QuickBooks Error Code 1911

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    The Error Code 1911 relates to the registry disc to which you are installing the QuickBooks software. You run across this error when attempting to install QuickBooks Pro on your PC. This article gives you easy-to-follow instructions for debugging the error. To learn everything about the QuickBooks error code 1911, read this article and follow the instructions very carefully.

    Method 1: Install the Adobe Flash Player

    Method 2: Built-in Administrator settings

    · Step 1: Activate the built-in admin

    · Step 2: Choose the admin account

    · Step 3: Hide the admin account

    · Step 4: Configure the security settings

    Method 3: Download & recheck the Pester Directory

    Method 4: Alter the settings of the setup editor
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    Hello, We greatly appreciate your contribution. You can reach Parallels support by using this link: for any issues in the future. Thanks.
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    Method 1: Modify the setup editor settings.
    Method 2: Download and review the PESxec directory.
    Method 3: Uninstall and install adobe flash.
    Method 4: Check the built-in admin settings. Steps for activating built-in admin. Steps for adjusting the built-in admin account.


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