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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by drdsgolf, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. drdsgolf

    drdsgolf Bit poster

    Now that I have my new Macbook up and running and Parallels running as well, I am able to drag Word documents onto the Windows desktop and open them and return them to Mac. Is there any reason to install Microsoft Office directly in Windows (I own a couple of copies).
  2. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    not really.. in 3.0 you'll be able to launch Office Mac directly by double clicking on the files in your windows VM if you so wish.
  3. sparker

    sparker Member

    So how do I turn this off? I have Office on the Mac and that's where I want to open .doc files. I can't find this in any Parallels preferences (it hijacked .doc and forces them to open in a Windows Word rather than Mac Office).

    TIA for advice, Steve
  4. mmischke

    mmischke Hunter

    I find that Office 2003 on virtualized XP is a lot faster than Office 2004 on OS X. 2004 runs under Rosetta PPC emulation and has always felt sluggish to me. I'm looking forward to Office 2008, which will be a Universal binary.

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