Migrating windows 10 from Vmware fusion:

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by enriquea4, Sep 17, 2021.

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    I am migrating a windows 10 virtual machine from VMWARE FUSION. The disk is NOT splitted. The disk has been checked for errors. VMWARE tools are not present (uninstalled). The virtual OS is properly shutdown. Windows 10 machine is up to date. It boots perfectly fine on vmware fusion.

    I downloaded the latest Parallels Desktop available. Upon starting the migrating process, Parallels warns me that it is unable to detect the operating system on the VMWARE machine and so it can end up being not bootable. As warned, once the migration process ends, Parallels ins unable to find / boot into the operating system.

    One would think this should be a pretty sratightforward migrating path / task.

    I fire up VMWARE again, and can boot / use / shutdown that same VM with no problems at all. So, how do I proceed now ? I really want to ditch Vmware and use Parallels.


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