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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ManuB, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. ManuB

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    I'm on Parallels 13 trial period. The only reason why I installed it, was so that my son's Mac (2011 running Yosemite), can handle the new game Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10.

    Windows is running fine, and Minecraft Dungeons installed without problem. It opens and runs the intro BUT the game itself shows no graphics. There is the game's sound, the "frame" with the health bar, items, etc. But the game itself is missing. See photos...

    Can you guys please help me out?

    I'd be so grateful.

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  2. kavyaM

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    @ManuB Please set virtual machine profile as "Games only" and also please provide us few screenshots of the issue to understand better as we do not see any screenshots in the previous reply.
  3. ManuB

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    Hi kavyaM,

    It is set as "Games only" already. Here the images...

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  4. Hello, what is your VM graphic settings? (VM Configuration -> Hardware -> Graphic) Please try to increase it and check.
  5. ManuB

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    It is in "Auto (Recommended)."
    And the profile is for Gamers.
  6. Ajith1

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    Let us know how much RAM and Graphics memory is allocated to Windows.

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