Minor: Is there a way to change my forum nickname?

Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by Scott Bass 123456, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Scott Bass 123456

    Scott Bass 123456 Bit Poster


    I created a "throwaway" account when I registered Parallels. Ok, my mistake.

    However, I'm now using said account for forum posts. I've changed my nickname in Account Details, but my full username appears in the posts.

    Is there a way I can change the nickname displayed in my forum posts? Otherwise, what the heck is "nickname" used for anyway?

  2. Mr. C.

    Mr. C. Bit Poster

    Curious, my posts show up under my nickname, not real name.
  3. Scott Bass 123456

    Scott Bass 123456 Bit Poster

    When I first registered Parallels, I entered my email address, chose "Scott Bass" for my username, it was taken, created "Scott Bass 123456", and have set my nickname in "PTN Account" and forums account to "Scott Bass". But, my name shows as "Scott Bass 123456". I'd like to get rid of 123456, as I think it looks a bit stupid. I'm not sure why we need a username anyway; many sites these days just use your email address as the username, but display the nickname in the forums.

    Like I said, not a biggie though...
  4. EmilyL


    Your forum name is usually the username you made when you first signup. As for changing it, I don't know how but I guess the best way is to contact parallels via email. Usually, your forum name shows up via your nickname.[​IMG]

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