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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dylansm, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. dylansm


    Hi, I'm running Windows 2000 as guest (stupid WinXP upgrade.... grrrr) on Beta 3 on a Mac Book Pro, and I'm having stability issues that I hope will be resolved.

    In a nutshell, most of my issues look like this: Win2000 freezes up so I have to hit the reset button. If I hit the power down button and re-launch Win2000, it looks like its booting and doesn't -- it gets almost to the desktop and the hour-glass shows up and stays for good... nothing happens. But once I hit reset, it boots normally.

    In addition, Windows 2000 freezes up most of the time when:
    1. A browser hits a page with a JavaScript alert()
    2. I press the cmd key and tab (trying to switch out of guest before hitting ctrl-alt
    3. Misc. programs in OS X running, e.g. Netinfo Manager

    I hope this helps. Anyone else?
  2. lancetx


    You wouldn't happen to have sound enabled in the VM would you? If so, disable it. Windows 2000 will freeze repeatedly requiring a hard reset with sound enabled in Beta 3. This will be fixed in Beta 4 according to Parallels however.
  3. dylansm


    Wow! Yes, I did have sound on. Thanks, I've turned it off. Things just went from totally unusable to (I think) fairly solid. Thank you.

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