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    How can I program the buttons and behaviour of a multi button mouse in the guest OS ?

    I have finally found a good working ergonomic bluetooth mouse.
    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000
    It works fine in OSX. I did not install any mouse software, so the additional buttons are not programmable in OSX. I do not want to install unnessecary 3rd party system software.

    In windows I would like to deactivate the horizontal scroll option of the scroll wheel and program the additional buttons. Without Windows Intellipoint Software (mouse driver) it is not possible. After installing Windows Intellipoint Software in XP, the options are available but mouse synchronization is lost. I have to manually free the mouse for OSX every time I change to OSX.
    In Parallels Tools the checkbox mouse synchronization is checked but grayed out.

    Mouse synchroniation returns after uninstalling the mouse driver and reinstalling the Prallles Tools in XP.

    Will Parallels transfer the moue settings of a 3rd party mouse driver to the guest OS if I install the Intellipoint software in OSX?
    How can I program the behaviour of the additional mouse functions?

    Parallels 2.5 Build 3188
    MacBookPro 17" 2,33GHz, 3GB RAM
    OSX 10.4.9
    Two Monitors
    Win XP SP2
    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

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