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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Howard Brazee, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Howard Brazee

    Howard Brazee

    My wife wants to play her old RealArcade games on her iMac. These are full-screen on Windows.

    We start Parallels and WIndows opens in a small window. After Windows boots, the window gets big (usually). When she runs Feeding Frenzy, in a window, she gets a very small window - and if it is in that window or full screen, the cursor misses - the game and the cursor do not agree on the cursor position (making it hard).

    She ran Insanitarium Deluxe, and got the small window again. In full screen mode, it is possible to move the cursor to the bottom right - and we see the Mac screen. instead of the WIndows screen

    A couple of times, Windows settings got stuck at the small screen size - easily changed with Windows settings.

    The only other thing she uses Windows for is for an occasional business contact that requires Active-X IE.
  2. michaelb


    Mouse does not work in some games

    I get the same problem with many, but not all, of the downloadable casual MSN games at For example, their latest release Jewel Quest 2 does not work. The mouse is not controllable enough even to navigate the game menus. However, another recent release, Bookworm Adventures, works just fine.

    Probably something about DirectInput isn't working properly under Parallels.

    Note that you can try these games out for free, to easily reproduce the bug.

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