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Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by SaschaS1, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. SaschaS1

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    is it possible to offer parallel logins with different usernames? Accessing a mac always results in a login for a specific user. But I'd like to offer my family logins to my mac server with their OWN logins...

    Thanks for your help
  2. Ram@Parallels

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    Hi Sascha, Yes, you can share your Windows with other users on the same Mac, please follow the steps suggested at to share virtual machine with several user accounts on a Mac.
  3. SaschaS1

    SaschaS1 Bit poster

    I think you misunderstood myself... :)
    I'd like to provide "Parallels Access" to my Mac Server to multiple users within my family. So that I can access my mac from my ipad and my wife from her ipad (using it at the SAME time)
    Is that possible?
  4. Hi @SaschaS1, you cannot use 2 different Parallels accounts to login to one Mac at the same time. I mean that you need to use only one account on the Mac side and on your device for connection between Mac and IPad (of course you may every time log off and log in to Mac via Parallels access from two or three or more accounts)

    Also you may login to you Parallels account from 2 devices at the same time (using only 1 account), but you will be unable to make any changes from both devices simultaneously. So when you move mouse or open any apps from 1 device you will see the same actions on the 2nd one.

    I've additionally verified it myself and actually, it's not convenient behavior for Parallels Access usage and Security Policy.

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