Napster no longer working in Beta 2

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by eurovirus, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. eurovirus


    Hi folks!

    I've just downloaded the new Beta 2 of Parallels. I use the program to run Napster - which always worked fine in my Windows XP installation - until I updated!

    When I try to stream DRM-protected media (unprotected previews work!), I get an error message saying Napster cannot play the song at this moment. Is there any way to get this stuff working again? And yes, my internet connection works - I can run IE under Windows w/o any problems.

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  2. eurovirus


    Is no one else experiencing this problem?
  3. Sheppy


    OK, I can't resist saying this, and I don't mean to offend, so my apologies in advance.

    This sounds like a feature to me. :)
  4. eurovirus


    Considering that there are (legal!) possibilities to use the files without any restrictions, Napster not working is definitely not a feature. In fact, using Napster is kind of the only reason why I have to use Parallels and Windows. And BTW, Apple's "FairPlay" is nothing but a DRM-mechanism!

    So I would really like to ask you for help on this.

  5. daveaultman



    Sounds like the same problem I was having, or part of it anyways, in my previous posts titled Napster Error 1006. I also was only gettting a cryptic "unable to play file a this time" message.

    It's probably not a Napster issue, but a Windows Media player DRM issue.

    I reinstalled Windows Media Player, reinstalled the DRM patches/fixes on the support site, and for good measure went to the Napster website and made sure I downloaded and installed the latest version of that program, and all is well. It is not a Parallels issue.

    Here are some messages I got from Napster Support - I don't know if they fix it or not, as I had fixed it myself as described above before they ever responded:

    We apologize for the difficulty that you are having with this issue. A 1017 error is generally indicative of your stored licenses being corrupt. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) licensing is handled directly by Windows Media Player (WMP). When receiving this error uninstalling, and reinstalling your Windows Media Player can generally resolve this issue, by uninstalling the files that are corrupt, and restoring your computer with new files. The following steps will walk you through the process:

    --- Uninstall Windows Media Player 10 ---

    1) Click on the Start button and select Control Panel.
    2) Click on "Add or Remove Programs."
    3) If you have Service Pack 2 installed, you will see a checkbox at the middle-top of the window that says "Show updates." Click on it.
    3a) If you do NOT have Service Pack 2 installed, you will NOT see this box.
    4) Scroll down to Windows XP Software Updates.
    4a) If you do NOT have Service Pack 2 installed, just scroll down to the entry for Windows Media Player 10.
    5) Directly below it, you will see an entry for Windows Media Player 10.
    6) Click "Remove."
    7) You will be asked if you want to rollback to the previous version of WMP. Click "OK".
    8) When the rollback finishes, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click "Restart".

    Note: If you have installed Windows Media Player 11, you can follow the above steps but need to uninstall three files rather than just one: Windows Media Player 11, Windows Media Format 11 Runtime, and Microsoft User-Mode Driver Frameworks Feature Pack 1.0. These will be listed above the section "Windows XP Software Updates.

    --- Reinstall Windows Media Player ---

    1) Go to This will take you to Microsoft's Windows Media Player Download Center.
    2) Click on the "Download Now" button next to version of Windows Media Player that you wish to reinstall.
    3) During the installation, do not change any of the default settings.
    4) When the installation is finished, WMP will open. Close it and restart your computer.

    Once restarted, open Napster again and attempt to download a new track that you have not downloaded before. Make sure that the track downloads completely and double click to play the track. If the steps have been successful, you should have no problem playing, downloading, or burning tracks in Napster.

    When responding on this issue, please reply with email history or copy the entire body of this email and paste it into your reply to ensure that all information is retained. Not providing the email history could delay our response time.

    Thanks for using Napster!


    Thanks for contacting Napster support.

    We apologize for the issues you experienced with your Napster tracks. It appears that the file Napster uses to maintain your library has become damaged. These steps will delete the file in question and restore your library.

    **Close out Napster before performing these next steps** 1. Double click on My Computer 2. Double click on your Local C: drive 3. Double click on the Program Files folder 4. Double click on the Napster folder--' Double click on the User Data folder 5. Locate db2.bin and lastdb2.bin, delete these files: If you could not locate these files please move on to the next step.
    6. Locate the db30.bin file, rename it to olddb30.bin

    Now let's open up Napster again. You may notice that your tracks do not appear in the library. Use the following method to restore the tracks.

    1. Open Napster and click on "File>Import Tracks to My Library"
    2. Double-click My Documents, then My Music. If you store your tracks anywhere else on your computer, please navigate there.
    3. Click Select All on the right and then OK.

    Restore your Playlists:
    Please us the following link to restore:

    If you have any issues importing your tracks back you will have to use the Copy Library feature:
    1. Click My Account from the main interface.
    2. Select "Copy Library"---->Click "Show Available Tracks" to retrieve a list of tracks available for download.
    3. Click the plus signs to expand the Artists section to select individual tracks or to restore all tracks, use the "Select All" to include all available tracks.
    4. Click the "Download Selected" button to begin the restoration process.
    5. Switch to your library and click Download Status to view progress.

    If you are still experiencing issues after following the above mentioned steps, or you are having trouble following the above mentioned steps, please call our technical support line at 1-800-839-4210 as we feel any further troubleshooting steps would be best carried out via a conversation with a live technical support agent. Live Customer Support is offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    When responding on this issue, please reply with email history or copy the entire body of this email and paste it into your reply to ensure that all information is retained. Not providing the email history could delay our response time.

    Thanks for using Napster!
    Jami D.
    The Napster Team
  6. slappstah


    No DRM Music for me Either

    Hi Gang,

    * I was able to use all DRM music services including Yahoo! Music, Napster, and Rhapsody with Parallels Desktop Build 1970.
    * Ever since the Beta, and including Beta3, I am not able to use any of these services... they all crash and burn.

    I haven't heard anything from Parallels on the issue.
  7. daveaultman


    did you read my post above about this? I don't believe it is a parallels issue...all the applications you'e using have one thing in common: Windows Media Player, and it has known issues with its DRM and has two patches out on it.

    Try this...find some of your DRM, a Napster song, directly on your hard drive, and try to play it in Windows Media without opening Napster. It should play. It should check for your license, and then play. If it doesn't play, you'll get cryptic message about not playing or drm issue...if that's the case, it's WMP that is broke, not Parallels.

    Good luck.

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