Native use of the graphics card in a vm machine

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by latenightmac, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. latenightmac


    If I understand this correct the vm machines are using an adaptor from Parallels to power the screen, and in XP it says it only 8meg on the video card. One of the main reasons for using Bootcamp was the video driver Apple/ATI released and being able to play 3D games and generallu hve the GUI go fast. Will the software ever be able to do this?:)
  2. Kypt


    This would be awesome thought I doubt VM software will ever use the full power of a Vcard in a VM. I would like for it to use MORE (like a smoother desktop at full screen), but doubt it'll get all of it.
  3. zaph


    This one seems to be a universal question, 3D and full video card support in a VM. Is there any chance of the dev team could put together an FAQ on this one, and address some of the issues involved, and what we can potentially expect from Parallels in the near future? I think if this one was covered in a little detail it would get asked about far less often (and it will only get asked more once it's released). Thanks!
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