NaturallySpeaking, Speechmike & 8 Core MP

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jfritz_drfritz, Jul 18, 2007.

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    My current configuration is:
    8 core Mac pro with 4 GB Ram, OsX 10.4.10
    DNS 9.5 preferred
    Philips SpeechMike Pro
    Windows XP Pro
    VM has 1.5 Gb Ram assigned to it

    The problem: audio time out message when setting up DNS in PD 3.0 (4128 I think) as well as in 3214, also when the speech mike is connected to the VM I lose the integral mouse function to the speechmike. Also, audio output was horrible from PD 3.0 but better in 3124.

    My workaround so far: Following advice elsewhere on this forum, I leave the mac system preferences open to Sound, and select the speechmike, then open the VM and do not connect the speech mike to the VM. For some reason, this works and allows me to capture speech and use the mike function. (all of this is in 3124, I didn't cotton on to this while running PD 3.0)

    The residual problems: because the speechmike is not connected to the VM I cannot use the control program that comes with it to make the function buttons work.

    What would be helpful: an understanding of why I lose the mouse function and get the audio time out messages when the speechmike is connected to the VM when using the MacPro and why this does NOT happen when using my MacBook Pro. An explanation of why this workaround actually works! Finally, better support for the speechmike and/or dictaphone microphones. I feel this would be very helpful as there are probably a lot of PC users out there who could switch to Mac if there was a viable voice dictation solution available

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