Need a refund - license renewed automatically without my permission

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    Hi all,
    I've purchased 1 year ago a license for <Mac Standard Edition (1 an)> (on 26 Mar. 2020. reference 216247532). And i am 10000% sure that i cancelled the Automatically RENEW option at that time. Because i only needed your software for a short job requirement, if you look at your logs, you will see that during the whole past year i used it very few times (but it's still a good software ofc).
    And on last friday 26 March, i received an email telling me that my license has been renewed automatically... I don't know what happened on your side but i have no willing to continue pay for it at all (a good software but i don't need it). So i'm asking you to :
    1. Refund the 79,99 € that i just paid today for the license renew for the year 2021.
    2. Ensure on your side that the RENEW option is deactivated for my account (i just cancel it one more time again after 1 year).
    Please find below some useful informations :
    - reference number for today's license renew : 266935179

    Thank you so much.
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