Nested virtualization - Poor Performance

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DamienB2, Jun 11, 2020.

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    Hello. I have indicators similar to those that you dropped. Sometimes the system and processor behave very strangely. Recently I was writing my research at university using Edubirdie and opened several tabs in the browser, a couple of documents, and as a result, the processor load increased to 120%. This is very strange and I do not know how to act in this situation.
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    I had similar issues with nested virtualization where Windows VM was unusable after installing docker desktop. but it got a lot better (usable) after I unchecked the extended memory limit option
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    GampaA - is there any word on if nested virtualization will be supported on the M1 Max? I know it's currently not supported on the standard M1
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    Hello @RimantasJ, performance will remain same , but check is it M1 Mac or Intel mac ?? because nested vm is not supported with M1 Mac. Thanks, Parallels Team.
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    I'm using Parallels Desktop 17 Pro for Mac, and I'm also seeing the same problems.
    I have a VM running Win 11 that was set with 8 CPU, 64GB of RAM and Apple Hypervisor. It was running super fast.
    When I changed to Parallels Hypervisor (so I can enable nested virtualisation for WSL2), the VM was so slow it became impossible to use it.
    I can confirm @DamienB2's tip about the .wlsconf file helped. I've limited RAM to 8GB and CPUS to 2 and it did help, however I had to reduce my VM memory to 32GB as well. Performance has improved significantly, even though it's not as good as the Apple hypervisor.

    Despite all the efforts, Docker still takes a very long time to start.

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