Network problems with 3.0 upgrade

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    I have just upgraded to Parallels 3.0 and find that I cannot connect to the internet either directly or through browsers (NetCaptor or IE). I assume the problem lies in my network configuration. I believe I selected 'Shared Network' and assume that meant that I would use the same IP address in the 'host' machine (MacBook) and the VM (WinXP). However when I bring up 'Network' in the Mac System preferences I find that I have both a 'Parallels Host-Guest' network as well as a 'Parallels NAT' network. And they show different IP addresses.

    I am seriously confused and would appreciate assistance. I gather that similar problems plague Parallels 3.0. If I cannot remedy this, is there a way to revert to my original version of parallels from the boxed disks?

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


    I should add the following as it may clarify the problem: When I highlight 'Network Driver' in the Parallels Tool Center, it says "Your virtual machine configuration does not include network adapter." Could this be the problem? What is the fix? I also re-installed Parallels Tools from Win Explorer without affect.
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