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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by JohnM17, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. JohnM17

    JohnM17 Bit Poster

    I am having connection problems between my machine and remote machine to play a game and attempting to open a port on my network to allow successful connectivity.
    My machine is a MacBook Air (Mid 2013) running OS X El Capitan v10.11.3
    My router is a Cisco DPC3825
    I am running Parallels Desktop 11 for mac Pro Edition v 11.1.2 (32408)
    I have altered my router (under the 'Applications & Gaming' tab on the website) to Port Filtering for port 32158 with both TCP/UDP protocols.
    My Parallels VM is running Windows 10.
    I have selected a shared network between the VM and my Mac.
    My questions are:

    1) do I need to establish a static IP for either my Mac or the VM?

    2) I am unclear how to establish port forwarding rules in Parallels under Preferences > Network

    Source Port: 32158
    Protocol: TCP
    Forwarded to: Windows 10
    Destination Port: 32158
    Source Port: 32158
    Protocol: UDP
    Forwarded to: the network IP of my Mac (behind router)?
    Destination Port: 32158

    Thanks in advance ...
  2. Manu@Parallels

    Manu@Parallels Guest

    Hello JohnM17,
    You can either use Bridge Networking instead of Shared, which will bring your virtual machine to the same router subnet or you can do port forwarding in Parallels Preferences > Advanced > Network: Change Settings > Shared. Please refer to this link to know more about port forwarding.
  3. JohnM17

    JohnM17 Bit Poster

    Thank you Manu@Parallels,

    Bridge networking is not an option at my current location.

    I upgraded to a Parallels Pro subscription solely to add the 'shared' connectivity, but still cannot locate all of the necessary data to input into the Parallels protocol as outlined in the link you provided - and for which I provided the data in my question above.

    Is the source port (from my Mac) and the Destination port (in my VM) meant to be the same?

    Which protocol is meant to be deployed?

    Where am I meant to forward to?

    Thanks for your help, I'll keep banging away :)
  4. MaddieD

    MaddieD Bit Poster

    @JohnM17 did you ever figure out how to configure port forwarding in Parallels 11 Pro? I am having issues with it as well. This was the only reason I upgraded to pro, and I cannot figure out how to use it.
  5. marat_t

    marat_t Kilo Poster

    Guys, what exactly is not clear?
    you should forward ports on your router to your mac, then forward them to VM in PD preferences > Network > Shared.
    also, make sure that Windows Firewall is configured to open these ports/disabled.
    typically source and destination ports are the same, however, it depends on the scenario.
  6. JohnM17

    JohnM17 Bit Poster

    Thanks marat_t,

    I believe the problematic step in that sequence comes with the forwarding of ports on Apple's Airport Extreme router (which is what I use). When using an alternative router that had been bridged I could port forward, but with Extreme it was not possible (for me).

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