New Release: Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Build 9220 is available!

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  1. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Dear Users,

    Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac Build 9220 is available for download:

    You can learn more about Parallels Desktop 5 features here:

    This version of Parallels Desktop includes the following new features and enhancements:

    - Windows WDDM driver with DX and OpenGL support – allows you to use Aero theme in Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual machines in any view mode, including Coherence.
    - Multi-monitor support for Windows and Linux guest OSs – Use all displays of your Mac in the virtual machine while in Full Screen and Coherence.
    - DirectX 9 Shader Model 3 - DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3 is supported for Windows virtual machines.
    - OpenGL 2.1 support for Linux guest OSs – Applications that require OpenGL (up to version 2.1) can be used in Linux virtual machines.

    - Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) support
    - Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard supported both as host and guest OS. 64-bit Snow Leopard is now supported.
    - General performance of virtualization engine improved.
    - Improved scalability and performance of SMP.
    - 8-way SMP: Users can assign up to 8 virtual CPUs to a single virtual machine.
    - Intel VT-x2 (VPIDs, EPT and FlexPriority) support – Intel VT-x2 virtualization technology features support for better performance of virtual machines.
    - KVM paravirtualization – improved performance of paravirtualized Linux guest OSs.
    - Better handling of Snapshots.
    - Improved performance of Boot Camp virtual machines.
    - Increased boot speed for Windows virtual machines.

    New User Interface
    - New Virtual Machine window
    -- Quartz Composer animations added.
    -- Coloring synced with virtual machine list.
    -- Improved look-and-feel and simplified controls.
    - Improved Virtual Machine Configuration editor
    - Improved Parallels Desktop preferences
    - Improved Virtual Machine List
    -- Drag-and-drop support - Add existing virtual machines by dragging their files to the virtual machines list.
    -- Virtual Machines ordering using Drag-and-drop - Rearrange the list by dragging your virtual machines.
    -- Colored virtual machines - Highlight your virtual machines by applying different colors to them in Finder or in the virtual machines list.
    - Simplified Parallels Desktop menu structure – More intuitive menus.
    - Active Screen Corners in full screen - specify an action to perform when you move the pointer to a screen corner in the full screen mode.
    - Lockdown – Lock the Parallels Desktop and virtual machine settings to prevent changes.
    - Changes in New Virtual Machine assistant: better organised new virtual machine assistant.

    Integration Tools and Features
    - Crystal mode – A view mode that provides you with all the benefits of Coherence and at the same time allows you to hide the Parallels Desktop interface elements and work only with Windows applications side-by-side with your Mac applications.
    - Improved Coherence - work in Windows programs with incredible performance on all your Mac displays. Aero theme is now fully supported in Coherence.
    - MacLook - Windows look metamorphosis. Now your Windows programs can look like native Mac applications.
    - Improved handling of 3rd party virtual machines - VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machines are automatically added to the virtual machines list and can be easily converted into Parallels virtual machines.
    - Parallels Icon in the Mac Menu bar – new menu bar icon in Crystal mode allows to access Windows Start Menu straight from Mac menu bar.
    - Virtual machine is paused when no applications are running in it – with this feature enabled, the virtual machine will be paused automatically when no Windows
    applications are in use, causing the CPU and memory resources to be released back to your Mac.
    - Windows Applications folder in the Dock – new and simple way to open Windows programs straight from the Mac OS Dock.
    - Improved tray notifications in Coherence – You can see the Windows notifications in Coherence.
    - Improved Shared Folders – Exchanging data through shared folders has been significantly improved.
    - Trackpad Gestures support – multi-touch trackpad gestures (swipe, rotate, pinch) can be used with Windows applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others.
    - Apple Remote support - Apple Remote can control Windows applications like MS Power Point, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others.
    - Horizontal scrolling – Support for mouse devices that provide horizontal scrolling. - Virtual Links – Use aliases to Mac OS files from Windows virtual machines.
    - Shared Clipboard for Linux guest OSs – Copy items between Linux guest OS and Mac OS.
    - Copy & paste formatted text - Copy and paste formatted text between different Windows and Linux virtual machines and your Mac – the formatting will be preserved.
    - Copy & paste pictures - Copy and paste pictures between different Windows and Linux virtual machines and your Mac.
    - Improved Drag & Drop – Drag email attachments between Windows virtual machine and Mac OS.
    - Improved Shared Profile - Windows Movies and Downloads folders are accessible from both Mac and Windows.
    - Improved Smart Mount - Select which types of devices connected to your Mac should be mounted to Windows as volumes.
    - Contextual menu items - "Show in Finder" and "Run on Mac" items in the contextual menu for the files stored in Mac OS folders that are shared with Windows virtual machine.
    - Isolated virtual machine - Allows you to isolate your Mac from the virtual machine for the purpose of security or other reasons.
    - Universal keyboard switch – use the same shortcuts to switch keyboard input language in Mac and the virtual machine.
    - Keyboard Autocapture - keyboard input is automatically captured inside the virtual machine when Parallels Desktop is in focus.

    Virtual devices support
    - Improved USB speed – USB speed has significantly increased.
    - Improved USB compatibility – more types of USB devices are supported.
    - Bridging VLAN on Mac – allows the users to access the Mac OS X VLAN from virtual machines.
    - Automatic compressing - Automatically reduce the virtual hard disk size as the unused space on it grows.
    - Virtual network adapters are not listed in Mac OS System Preferences anymore.
    - Experimental CAC reader devices support - Common access cards are now supported in virtual machines.
    - Flexible Boot Camp partitions configuration - If you have several Boot Camp partitions, you can choose which to use in the virtual machine.
    - Built-in disk resizing tool - Now you can change the size of your virtual machine's hard disk directly from the Virtual Machine Configuration - the file system of your virtual machine will be resized accordingly.

    Guest OS installation
    - Windows 7 express installation — Windows 7 can be installed in unattended mode.
    - Linux express installation — Most popular Linux OSs can be installed in unattended mode.

    Additional Tools
    - Parallels Transporter – Migrate your physical computer or a 3rd party virtual machine (VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, or VirtualBox) to a Parallels virtual machine. Microsoft Windows 7 is fully supported.
    - New Parallels Image Tool – Allows you to resize the virtual disk and change its format.
    - Experimental support for Windows trial virtual machines - you can now download Windows virtual machines with trial versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.
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  2. Can one upgrade from Parallels 3 directly to Parallels 5?
  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Yes you can.
  4. rbdamm


    Is Parallels 5 64-bit in Snow Leopard?
  5. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    Parallels Desktop 5 use fully 64-bit virtualization engine (virtual machine monitor and kernel extentions) which leverage all capabilities of new Snow Leopard 64-bit kernel mode and use 32-bit userspace helper application and GUI.
  6. rbdamm


    So, does Parallels itself run in 64-bit? If I open up Activity Monitor, will Parallels show up as being 64-bit?
  7. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    No, virtualization engine is a kernel component and Activity Monitor is not able to show up kernel components.
  8. Zeos786


    Free upgrade from 4.0?

    I just purchased 4.0 a week ago. I believe major upgrades are free for one year. How do I get a new key?
  9. rbdamm


    Makes sense but not.

    Fusion 3.0 = 64-bit
    Parallels 5.0 = 32-bit (but virtual machines can run 64-bit OSes?)
  10. ionblue

    ionblue Bit Poster

    Just upgraded to 5 - a question on Internet Security

    I just updated to 5 and want to know whether or not I need to reinstall the Internet Security Anti-virus/Firewall. It didn't say it needed to, so I have no idea if the version that was running on 4 (fully updated prior to this) is still OK or if I need to uninstall/reinstall it. If so, what's the best procedure so it get's all the current configuration and stuff?


    Oh, and it does seem much snappier so that's a great thing!

  11. redwoodtree


    Well, this is depressing. I just upgraded to parallels 4 at the end of September, but I see the cutoff is October 1st. Is there any further discount for someone who just missed the 10/1 cutoff?
  12. beaccon


    Me to, nice to think that they could do a deal for recent updaters.
  13. BSartist

    BSartist Bit Poster

    Does V5 offer any improvements in the sharing of a RUNNING VM across logged in Mac Users?

    With V4, you have to bring the VM up in the context of a logged in Mac user. If you switch users to another Mac user and try to bring up the same VM, it barfs on not being able to access the virtual hard drives. (I have posted numous times about how this behaviour is actually worse than V3).

    What would be good is to be able to bring a VM up outside the context of a Mac Login and then let multiple MAC logins have access to the running VM without having to shut it down, switch user, and then bring it up.
  14. scawa1952


    JUST PURCHASED Parallels 4.0

    I have two questions.

    1) Like a previous user said and no one answered. I JUST purchased Parallels 4.0( two days ago). Aren't major upgrades free for one year?

    2) Does Parallels 5.0 support Ubuntu 9.10? As of yet 4.0 does not!

    Unless it's free and unless it supports Ubuntu 9.10, then it is not worth upgrading.

    Stephen McConnell
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  15. Boandlkramer


    A grace period of one month drives me up the wall!!!

    I can't believe it,

    a grace period of approximately 5 weeks is not very customer friendly.
    I bought version 4 on Sept 4th an now version 5 is out with only such a poor grace period.
  16. bglasner


    Upgrade from version 4 to version 5

    I currently have version 4 parallels desktop for mac, and I have 1 guest windows xp pro, wondering if a conversion of this guest is required like it was when I went from Version 3 to Version 4. Reason why I ask is I was one of the unfortunately people where the conversion did not work, I had to re-install everything from scratch, the conversion process failed and going back to the previous version did not work as well. Therefore before I even attempt to upgrade I want to know if this process is required during the upgrade.
  17. scawa1952


    Free Upgrade

    I called the order number on the Parallels upgrade promo. They gave me the following information.

    Go to the link

    Parallels 5.0 free upgrade.

    The cutoff for having bought it and being able to upgrade was 1 October 2009 (as of 4 Nov 2009).
    You need to have a confirmation or receipt of purchase from your retailer or Nova Development.

    You fill out the form on the link then PRINT the resulting page. and email or fax with the confirmation to the address on the page.

    Not to terribly difficult.

    Good luck to all you wanting a free upgrade.
  18. DevonS


    I purchased V4 on the 1st September. I received an email with an upgrade offer to V5 for $9.95.
  19. Steve Reichenbach

    Steve Reichenbach Bit Poster

    What does it say when a company offers no pre-sale contacts even to existing customers (beyond a community forum)? Probably that post-sale support will be lacking as well.
  20. Steve Reichenbach

    Steve Reichenbach Bit Poster

    Does Parallels offer no pre-sale support even for current customers?

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