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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DustinHullett, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. DustinHullett

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    hey guys just wanted to post that I'm going to try to get a good benchmark and user review of parallels desktop 12 and VMware fusion 8.5 out soon. I have been running some prelim test tonight and I have to say I'm very impressed I'm the new fusion release. It renders video like boot camp without breaking a sweat. More to come soon
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  2. AdamC6

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    Looking forward for your tests :)
  3. Maria@Parallels

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    will be glad to check your comments)
  4. Jeff7

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    so what were the results?
  5. DustinHullett

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    from a benchmark standpoint Fusion always won the graphics sections. In Nova bench Parallels was able to get 280 to 320 FPS when running the graphics portion of the test which is a 800 x 600 frame running 3d animation. Fusion on the other hand dominated with 1050 to 1200 FPS.
    In the other areas of the benchmark which is things like disk i/o write and read speed, ram speed, cpu score Parallels won. Not really by much but every time i ran the software parallels would win all other areas but fusion would always have triple or quadruple the frame rate in the graphics section. This of course made fusions overall score much higher than parallels 12. Parallels 12.1.1 would score around 720 to 740 overall and Fusion would score 1050 to 1100 overall.

    In real world use im running both vm platforms on my new 2016 macbook pro and if i want to run something really graphics intensive fusion will always be faster. But for your normal everyday tasks i really cant tell a difference at all. They are both very well developed and stable products. Fusion was a more stable release than parallels 12.0 due to all the issues there were with the first few releases of parallels 12 but everything seems to be sorted out now and working as it should. I will have to say though that parallels seems to integrate with MacOS sierra a bit better than fusion. Just like having your Mac documents go directly to your windows documents folder. It automatically adds both locations for you. Fusion just maps a network drive called vm-ware shared drive and thats where the mac documents will reside. You can of course manually map this folder to the standard windows folder to achieve the same result as parallels but parallels does this with the click of a button in your preferences. Again like i said earlier they are both great and stable Virtualization solutions for running Windows or linux distro's on your mac. Parallels integrates better with better disk read and write speed and cpu performance and VMware Fusion Has the graphics department covered.

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