No ability to run 3d games anymore since latest update

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by ChrisHo, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. ChrisHo


    All games that require 3d acceleration basically tell me my video is not supported.

    When I check the device I see Parallels Vesa BIOS 3.0.2111.89721

    I also cannot complete reinstall of Parallel Tools, get error 1935. SFC /scannow reports there is a pending repair that requires a reboot but I cannot determine what it is.

    Before this everything worked, I was able to run 3d accelerated games without issue, now no game runs. To say the least I am a tad unhappy with the product.
  2. ChrisHo


    I have tried the steps outlined in

    I have tried with AV off (its the MS one anyway)

    I have tried the increasing the size of the Registry trick, I did not have the key mentioned so I created it.

    This is all on an i5 iMac 8g Ram, 2 processors and 4g dedicated to the VM. 256mb dedicated to Video (the max allowed though card sports 512) with both 3d buttons checked.

    I also had a repeated update failure I cannot locate. It takes two boots to get a sign on screen

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