No 'Parallels Explorer' App in 5.0.9310

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by RCF2616, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. RCF2616

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    I Just upgraded from the trial version of 5.0.9310 to the fully licensed version. In both cases, 'Parallels Explorer' was missing from the Finder's Application folder. Reinstalling Tools did not resolve the issue in either the trial or fully licensed version. I did an uninstall of the previous version of Parallels in the installation process in both cases. What might the problem be here?

    Everything else seems to be working fine. Thanks for an otherwise great product!

    iMac (late 2006), 3G memory, Latest 5.6 OS
  2. Shaddam IV

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    You'll find the Parallels Image Tool in the Parallels folder of your hard disk. As far as I recall that pretty much does the same thing as the Parallels Explorer in previous versions. Enjoy!

    - update -

    Sorry, this was not correct. "Image tool" is not the same as the Explorer. However, if you right-click on your Virtual Machine File (e.g. "Windows 7.pvm") and select "open with" and then "Parallels Mounter", you'll be able to mount your virtual hard drive on the Mac's desktop.

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