No sound / audio output to iPad

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by joevt, Jul 20, 2023.

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    I can get microphone input from my iPads to my Macs but I can't get sound output from my Macs to my iPads.

    I've tested Parallels Access 6.2.0 (38422) and the latest 7.0.2 (39914). I've tested macOS Catalina, Monterey, and Ventura on two different Macs.

    My Macs have Firewall disabled. Sound output on the Macs is set to "Parallels Access Sound". Parallels Access on the iPads have Sound set to "Play On This Device".

    Actually, I tried again and it seems to work with Parallels Access 7.0.2 (39914) on the latest iPad Pro 12.9" (6th gen).

    Paralllels Access 6.2.0 (38422) is running on an older iPad Air which cannot be updated beyond iOS 12.5.7.

    While Parallels Access 6.2.0 was connected, I connected with Parallels Access 7.0.2 which causes 6.2.0 to disconnect as expected, but in this case there was no audio in 7.0.2. I had to disconnect in 7.0.2 and reconnect to get audio.

    The Macs are running Parallels Access 7.0.5 (40851).

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