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Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by Kent_Boortz, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Kent_Boortz

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    I run a OS X 10.8.5 guest on top of OS X 10.8.5. Works amazingly well, so far it feels like running directly on the hardware. I use Parallels Desktop 10.

    I want my VM to be fairly isolated, at most sharing a special folder between host and guest and be able to do copy/paste of text. The option "Actions -> Configure.. -> Security tab -> Integration: -> Isolate Mac from virtual machine" then creates a bit too much isolation as copy/paste will not work between host and guest.

    So I then disable the complete isolation and go to "Actions -> Configure.. -> Options -> Sharing" and set "Share Folders: None" and "Custom Folders:" to a special controlled folder. So far so good, the folder turns up in "/Volumes/SharedFolders/".

    But in addition in "/Volumes/SharedFolders/" I also have the folders "Dropbox", "Google Drive" and "iCloud", things I don't want shared. Note that I haven't installed those in the Guest OS. I tried disable "SmartMount" but it makes no difference.

    So do you know how I can keep copy/paste and maybe a shared folder without also sharing "Dropbox", "Google Drive" and "iCloud"? Is this a bug, should disabling "SmartMount" prevent them from being mounted in the Guest?

    Thankful for any insight on this.
  2. Specimen

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    In that Sharing pane, don't you have the option: "Shared Cloud: Share iCloud, Dropbox..."?
  3. Kent_Boortz

    Kent_Boortz Bit Poster

    No, it looks like this Sharing.png
  4. StanislavZ

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    You can work it around this way:
    1. Stop VM
    2. In VM configuration, on General page change OS type to Windows (Windows 10 for example)
    3. On Options tab, uncheck Sharing - "Share iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive"
    4. Change OS type back to Mac OS X.
  5. Kent_Boortz

    Kent_Boortz Bit Poster

    You are a genius, worked, thanks!!!!! :)

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