Office 2003, Outlook Exchange?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dhjdhj, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. dhjdhj


    I just recommended to the boss of my firm that he should use Parallels on his Mac instead of bootcamp - please tell me there are no problems running Office 2003 or Outlook connectig to an exchange server!

  2. VTMac


    I'm doing it right now just fine. But I wouldn't recommend it to your boss if he's like my boss and considers Email mission critical. There are still a few kernal panics out there, and if he happens to hit one and it corrupts his outlook PST, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do....
  3. dylansm


    Problems saving to shared folder

    I just posted a question in the Shared Folder thread about about a problem I'm having using Office 2003. I've mapped the shared folder as a network drive and can open Excel and Word files in my OS X documents folder no problem, but I can't save them back, which makes life really complicated. It says "Disk is full." etc. However, if you save Word docs as .rtf and Excel files as .csv it works just fine.

    I think this is a problem with Office 2003 and not Parallels, however. Super annoying.

    If anyone has a solution to this problem please post!
  4. daveschroeder


    Yes, that works just fine.

    This is a problem related to the current iteration of Parallels Shared Folders. Remember, it's still beta. This behavior should go away in future releases.
  5. dylansm


    Thank you. Excellent -- and to think, I was ready to blame Microsoft. Where did you read/hear about this being a limitation of the current Shared Folders?
  6. sdlavergne



    Just don't use PST's and leave the information in the server. If you need to sync a Macbook use an OST. If it gets corrupted ( and they due on larger mailboxes, simply delete it and pull their mail from the exchange server. )

    I run Parallels specifically for Outlook 2003. I haven't had any problems at all until beta 5. I think my Windows XP install isn't liking the new features added. I think I will muddle through until the production release and then reinstall XP.
  7. sieversjr


    Overall this works pretty good although there are a few you should avoid

    1. I noticed that if you are attached and Outlook is busy synchronizing folders, and you try sending a large attachment, things might get a bit hosed visually but it does send the attachment

    2. Be careful to not open the same account with an older version of Outlook on an external PC while it's opened under Parallels otherwise you may experience an issue with the active profile settings getting out of sync (Microsoft Issue I believe not a Parallels Issue)

    3. Be careful to not click the send/receive button too many times simulatenously if you are connected to exchange via a Cisco VPN client or other slower link as this may hose the display a bit (Again, I think this is Microsoft Issue not a Parallels Issue)

    If Lan Attached, it works very well for normal email read/reply/attach, etc. Bosses expectations should be set accordingly and he/she should expect minor glitches otherwise they are just being unrealistic. Overall the quality of Parallels environment is improving rapidly due to the efforts of people like us!

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