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    Been using Parallels since it came out about a year ago, purchased it at first opportunity. Very useful and it's worked well for me.

    However it looks like it's now the time to make a choice between Parallels 3.0 and Fusion. I *really* like Unity on Fusion, it's better than coherence due to the way individual windows get separated out when you use Expose.

    I wanted to try Parallels 3.0 to see if they've improved Coherence and to see if the upgrade is worth it, so I downloaded it and let it convert my VMs. Then it asks for a key, I request a trial one, and copy-paste it in. Uh oh, not a valid key. Can't start any VMs and they've been converted to the new format.

    I can back out my 3.0 install and revert my VMs no problem... but that's a pain and I think the decision just got made for me.

    $49.99 for an existing customer of Parallels to update to 3.0 vs $39.99 for a pre-order of Fusion...

    At least now I don't have to have 2 complete Windows VMs on my machine taking up space!

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