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  1. Andy11

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    I bought my MacBook pro from a friend as it had paralleled on it and he said it was a licensed version, when i checked it it said activated!!

    You offered me by mail shot this morning an upgrade to 12, which i took and it cost me £40+, now when I try to upgrade and enter the licence info, the number is invalid.

    So i now have an upgrade with no path or number, what are my options??

    Please advise as i need to reinstall this urgently as my windows software is no inaccessible...

    Hoping you can help!!!!
  2. Hi @Andy11 we've checked your account and didn't find previous Parallels Desktop key. ()May be because it has been registered under your friend account).
    So in this case we have no info about previous version of Parallels Desktop which has been installed.
    So in this case please check which version has been installed and download it from this KB link
  3. Also we can provide your with the refund for the Parallels Desktop 12 upgrade and then you will be able to purchase the full version of Parallels Desktop 12 if you would like to. In this case please provide us with your purchase order number and confirm the refund.
  4. SamN

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    Hello..how can i cancel my account?i've made a mistake, an accidently buy upgrade account when i should buy fresh newly account..how can i cancel my purchase so that i can buy a newly license..thanks

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