OpenGL issues in 5540 and 5570

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    I'm unable to use my OpenGL based CAD application (Unigraphics NX 5) in either of the 2 new betas. In 5540, Parallels would simply crash as soon as an OpenGL graphics port (view?) was opened. In 5570, it opens and shows a static view of the CAD model initially, but doesn't update ~98% of the view as I rotate the model around, nor does it erase/refresh areas of the view that are covered by slide out pallets. You can see in the 2nd pic the thin sliver of the view which is still updating properly at the top of the windows desktop (which shouldn't be showing through) just below the grey toolbar area.

    I'm running on a MBP 2.4GHz 4GB RAM, 1524MB for XP SP2, 64MB VRAM, 1812MB for Parallels (manual). Single Window mode with 1680x1050 res. on the MBP's 1920x1200 display. Switching to Automatic and lowering XP memory to 1400MB had no effect. I updated by un-installing Parallels Tools from windows first, then reinstalling after upgrade and rebooting the Mac.

    One odd thing, if I un-anchor the part file window so that it's no longer in the "full size" view within the NX5 window (see pic 3), then the image updates normally, but clearly not with any OpenGL acceleration as the frame rate drops dramatically and the CPU pegs during rotates. I've tried with Direct X shaders enabled and disabled.

    Works fine under 5160 still.

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    Please recheck this issue with build 5580. We had discovered and resolved several OpenGL related issues in this build.

    Thank you in advance!

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